Kardashian helps female afghan football players to go to UK.

    Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has gained her popularity all over the world. Often she remains in the headlines for her relationship and controversies related to it. Now he has taken such an initiative, for which everyone is praising him. Information is coming out that he has helped in transporting female Afghan football players from Pakistan to Britain. For this he has paid for his flight.

    Players and their families were taking refuge in Pakistan

    The Women’s Youth Development football team and their families have been evacuated from Pakistan to the UK. When the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, they temporarily took refuge in Pakistan after fleeing Afghanistan. Now many organizations including football club Leeds United have come forward to rehabilitate and help the players. Actress Kardashian has also extended a helping hand in this initiative.

    The condition of women in Afghanistan worsens after Taliban capture

    Since the Taliban gained control of Afghanistan in August, she has been criticized for her treatment of women. It is a different matter that in the beginning the Taliban government had talked about the protection of women’s rights. However, later his attitude changed. After this, it was told by the Taliban rulers that women would have to work within the limits of Islamic laws.

    130 people including the player were taken to London by chartered flight

    After Kardashian’s help, 35 footballers and their families arrived in London on Thursday morning. A chartered flight was arranged for them. 130 people of his family, including football players, were transported from Pakistan to London in this campaign. All of them were living in Pakistan on their 30-day visa. If no other country had taken them before the visa expired, they were at risk of being deported.

    The Kardashian and SKIMS brands cover the cost of the players’ travel

    According to media reports, Kardashian and her SKIMS brand have borne the expenses of the players’ chartered plane. The ROKiT Foundation had planned to get them out of Afghanistan. Leeds United have welcomed the players and their families and offered their full support. Now in the United Kingdom they have to plan for rehabilitation. Apart from this, many women and artists have already left Afghanistan.


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