Keep social media profiles ‘safe’ from hackers!

    The present time is of the Internet, and in the world of Internet, there are more than one platform available for your use. Truth be told, this platform takes most of a person’s time now. Whether it is called social media, whether it is a website, whether it is an application, more and more of your time is now being spent on the Internet, and why only time, you also share all the necessary information on the Internet.

    Whether it is your daily activities through social media, whether it is your opinion, whether it is financial transactions, listening to songs – watching movies, online shopping, everything you are doing online in today’s time, and If some people are not doing this today, or doing less online activity, then their online activities will also increase a lot in the coming days.

    At such a time, the question arises whether your online activity itself can put you at risk?

    Obviously you create your profile on an application, on a social media platform and you need to know that!

    If you take Facebook as an example, there have been many such cases related to Facebook profile, when a person’s Facebook profile has been hacked, and his private pictures have been uploaded open, have been made viral, Or from his account, in all the contacts of the same person, money has been demanded by sending messages to all the people!

    Not one but many such cases have come to the fore and it is quite possible that you have heard about them yourself!

    The question arises, is your account safe? And if not, how can you keep them safe from hackers?

    Don’t make easy passwords of your social media accounts

    Yes! Most of the people add 123 in front of their name in the password, or add common terms like abc in front of their date of birth or make password with their wife’s name, their girlfriend’s name, and all these things very easily. If you are guessed by hackers, then you will have to enter a strong password.

    In this, enter capital letters, small letters, special words, which contain special characters like @ # % etc., then make sure to use numbers too. Have a password of at least 10 characters or more. It is important to keep in mind that if you do not use the same password for different accounts, then it will be better.

    Keep in mind that if you have come from such software, which hackers use and hack your account by finding out the probability of password, then you enter the password better and keep changing it from time to time. Change regularly every eight months.

    Avoid phishing

    Have you seen Netflix’s popular web series Jamtara?

    Adorned with the tagline of Sabka Number Aayega, this series is very clear about spamming, about phishing. It is quite possible that you have also received such a message, in which you have claimed to have won the lottery worth crores, or it has been said that someone abroad has left millions of dollars in your name and in such a situation you can use these Trust on.

    Many a times you are threatened that a call is being made from certain bank and if you do not provide OTP then your account will be closed!

    There is also a large level of phishing online. You will get a message on your mail, on your WhatsApp or on any other account asking you to login on a certain link and win lots of prizes!

    In such a situation, the interface that will come in front of you will look exactly like Facebook-Gmail! What is it then, you will put the actual details there, assuming it to be Gmail or Facebook or any banking account, and as soon as you type the details there, your information will have reached the hacker. That’s why you have to be very careful and open any address, any social media account you have to officially open it by typing it yourself, not open a link in a mail and enter sensitive details there.

    Activate Two Way Authentication of your social media account

    Nowadays, leave aside banking etc. Gmail, Facebook and all other accounts are providing two-factor authentication facility. Meaning it is linked to your mobile along with the password. Means your code comes on mobile, that code can be through message, or call comes and the code which is mentioned, only after entering that code will open your social media account. Apart from this, there are third party apps like Google Authenticator, Aathi, which keep your account two-way safe.

    Do not use unknown software extensions

    Key logger is a dangerous term in technical language. It is a software which is installed in your system through an email, through a pop up, and whenever you do some login, that login information gets saved in the keylogger, and many times reaches the hacker.

    Especially whenever you use a public computer, check that the keylogger is not installed in that system. Also, keep login alerts enabled, which means that whenever you log in to your account, you will definitely get a message or an email, so that you will be able to understand that you are the only one who has logged in, or someone else is trying to log in.

    If such information comes, then immediately report it to the concerned authority and get your account back secured by changing your password etc.

    Malware, Trojan, Spyware, etc. are called as this keylogger. If you use the system, then antivirus software should be installed in your system and should also be updated.

    Keep in mind that you do not click on any pop-up, otherwise the chances of getting trapped will increase.

    Use only official software and avoid pirated, even if you install mobile apps don’t install apk file of unknown sources but install official app from play store or ios itself.

    Now you can feel yourself safe, but keeping yourself constantly updated is also a part of safety, otherwise you can get into trouble due to lack of new information.

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