LG displays new flexible screens ‘Media Chair’ and ‘Virtual Ride’.

    Both Samsung and LG Display are the world’s largest turers of LED and OLED displays. Two new concept products have been revealed by LG Display, which will be showcased at next month’s CES 2022 tech event. The company has named these products ‘Media Chair’ and ‘Virtual Ride’. With these products, LG will be focusing on the possibilities of OLED screens and creating a new market for them.

    Media Chair with 55-inch OLED TV

    The media chair will be a kind of relaxation pod, in which the 55-inch OLED TV will be given at a comfortable angle. This screen has an optimum 1500R curvature angle and it uses LG’s in-built sound technology – Cinematic Sound OLED (CSO). In this, the display produces sound by vibrating without any speaker. Pivot functions are provided in the armrest of the chair and the screen can also be rotated according to the need.

    Company spokesperson Matthew Wegend told The Verge that the recliner just shared is just a concept. Mathew said that LG is planning to bring the new media chair to market in partnership with a Korean company that makes massage chairs. In simple language, LG’s media chair will be a comfortable chair, one part of which will have a large display. Many changes and customization can be done in this chair according to the need.

    Cycle can be run in front of the screen

    The second concept that LG has introduced is that of virtual ride. It is connected to a single-mountable bicycle, which is placed in front of a large screen. The device will have a large 55-inch display at the front and top of the head, which will be connected to give a virtual cycle ride experience to the users. The panel given in the top section comes with 500R curvature radius and shows flexibility.

    Compared to cycling in a closed room, virtual rides will give users the option of doing home exercises in front of the screen. In this way, the rider will be able to choose the place of his choice for cycling and he will feel that the cycle is moving forward. While immersive experiences during exercise can be enjoyed through VR glasses for now, the new LG product will not require any wearable. The company has not yet said anything on the plan to launch it in the market.


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