Malika Favre’s “Connected”

    In Malika Favre’s cover for the February 6, 2023, issue, the one-point perspective of the iconic Brooklyn Bridge provides the perfect setting for an early Valentine’s Day cover. On a rainy day, a couple locked in an embrace are suspended between Manhattan and Brooklyn on the bridge and appear to be walking toward their future together. I talked to the artist about the magic of New York, embracing change, and finding new angles of inspiration.

    Is there a reason you chose the Brooklyn Bridge for this image?

    There is something fascinating about the architecture of the Brooklyn Bridge and its imposing gates; it almost feels like a portal into another world. I still vividly remember crossing it in a taxi, minutes after landing in New York for the first time. It was a magical moment.

    The cover seems to mark a turning point. Do you think of your many moves to new home towns—Paris, London, and now Barcelona—as turning points?

    Moves between cities and countries have always been turning points for me. Each time, I felt excitement and anticipation for the new life that was awaiting me. I have always loved learning to speak a new language, learning about a new culture, and embracing change.

    Favre’s former living and working spaces in London and Barcelona.London photo courtesy of The Socialite Family

    Speaking of turning points, this week you’re moving to a new studio. What makes a good studio for you?

    We are actually buying an apartment, which is incredibly exciting, so it looks like I will be staying in Barcelona for a while. I have always worked from home, which means my studio is also my living space. I made the choice to work from home a decade ago when I realized I needed to be surrounded by my favorite possessions, artwork, and furniture to feel inspired. This coming apartment is definitely the most beautiful space I have ever lived in. It is a classic Barcelona flat with incredible, high ceilings and beautiful light. I can’t wait to move in and find my drawing corner.

    Your compositions feel dramatic and cinematic. Are you often inspired by movies?

    I grew up going to the movies on a weekly basis, as there was no TV in our house. I was particularly fascinated by noir films growing up. They inspired me to always seek dramatic angles when creating a composition. Whether it’s a bird’s-eye view or a low-angle perspective, each angle brings a different story and a different mood.

    See below for more covers by Malika Favre:

    Find Malika Favre’s covers, cartoons, and more at the Condé Nast Store.

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