Maybe The Golden Globes Are Worth Watching After All

    Then there’s the fact that these actors don’t needs the recognition of a Western-centric awards show to be qualified as great. As Yeoh mentioned in her acceptance speech, she has had an illustrious career pre-Everything Everywhere All At Once buzz, working with directors like Steven Spielberg and Danny Boyle, and on groundbreaking films like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Not to mention a thriving career abroad. Perhaps the best thing to do would be to find other avenues for recognition outside of historically exclusionary awards shows. And maybe one day we will get there. But, despite the criticisms and controversies, recognition from organizations like the HFPA do mean something to these actors, as an acknowledgment of their talent and hard work — and, an acknowledgment that they’ve been seen within the industry they’ve worked so hard to achieve success in. As Yeoh told ET on the Globes’ red carpet of her long deserved career recognition, “It’s about time…Finally, now to be understanding what it feels like to really be seen, it does make a difference.” It’s what we’re all looking for, and it’s what so many of Yeoh’s own roles have helped viewers feel in their own lives.

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