Mozilla bans crypto donation!

    Billy Marcus, the co-founder of the cryptocurrency Dogecoin, has attacked the ‘Mozilla’ running the popular browser ‘Firefox’. Mozilla has stopped donations being taken in the form of cryptocurrency, citing the environmental impact of crypto mining. This donation was being taken by the Mozilla Foundation. In response, Billy Marcus responded on Twitter. He accused Mozilla of bowing down to internet mobs by calling this decision ‘stupidity’. Billy Marcus disagrees on Mozilla’s move. He pointed to the environmental impact of paper dollars and traditional banking infrastructure.

    Public anger against Mozilla began on December 31. The company reminded its users that they can donate in Dogecoin, Bitcoin and Ether to the Mozilla Foundation. This foundation of the company was accepting donations in crypto through the BitPay platform.


    Mozilla was heavily criticized for this post. Many people even said that Mozilla Foundation is tarnishing its image. Some even threatened to cancel future donations. Mozilla co-founder Jamie Jawinsky was also among those dissenting.

    Jawinsky’s outrage didn’t end with one tweet. He wrote a blog post on his website. Said that the business model of the crypto industry is unrealistic. ‘They only create pollution and nothing else and they convert it into money.’ After this Mozilla decided to stop crypto donation. The company discussed the environmental impact of cryptocurrencies. The company said that it will review its policy on donations taken in the form of crypto.

    Mozilla has been accepting donations in cryptocurrencies for the past several years. Not many crypto critics were aware of this. The Mozilla Foundation partnered with Coinbase in 2014 to receive crypto donations in the form of bitcoin. In addition, its cryptocurrency donations are instantly converted into fiat currency. However, crypto supporters are also angry with Mozilla stopping donations being taken in the form of crypto. They say that they will stop using the Firefox browser.

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