Naver, workplace bullying erupts again.

    Another claim was raised that there was another harassment at Naver’s workplace. It is also pointed out that Choi In-hyuk, CEO of Naver Financial, who was in charge of the previous workplace harassment incident, is responsible this time as well.

    The Naver labor union joint statement said on the 3rd that it had requested the Ministry of Employment and Labor to investigate whether or not there was a controversy over workplace harassment at Happy Bean, a public interest foundation under Naver.

    According to industry sources on the same day, the Naver labor union joint statement submitted a complaint to the Seongnam Branch of the Ministry of Employment and Labor on the afternoon of the 2nd in relation to workplace harassment exposed by Happy Bean retirees.

    According to the union, some employees who have worked at Happy Bean since 2015 claimed that they received psychiatric treatment after being verbally abused and harassed by Head A. Some of the former employees are said to have even stated that they had been assaulted.

    The union claimed, “As a result of the fact-finding investigation, there has been continuous workplace harassment from 2015 to recently even in Happy Bean, where CEO Choi In-hyuk is located.

    CEO Choi In-hyeok was previously pointed out in the workplace harassment problem at Naver headquarters. In response, he took the position of COO of Naver.

    The union pointed out, “Many employees reported the problem to CEO Choi In-hyuk, but there were claims that CEO Choi neglected it.”

    On the other hand, Director A, who was designated as the perpetrator, issued a rebuttal statement and denied that he could not admit the fact of harassment in the workplace. Naver plans to launch a fact-finding investigation to confirm the exact facts.

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