Home digital marketing ‘Netflix Game’ debuts in Poland.

‘Netflix Game’ debuts in Poland.

‘Netflix Game’ debuts in Poland.

Netflix, which announced its entry into the game business, will first introduce game services in Poland. Poland has become a test bed for Netflix’s mobile game business. However, the reason for choosing Poland as a test bed was not disclosed.

According to The Gamer on the 27th (local time), Netflix decided to service two games using the intellectual property (IP) of ‘Stranger Things’, one of the original series, in Poland. “Polish users can play two games with their Android account,” Netflix said on its official Twitter account. Polish Netflix members can download ‘Stranger Things 3’ and ‘Stranger Things 1984’ on their mobile devices at no additional cost.

Bizarre Story is a story about the disappearance of a boy in the town of Hawkins, Indiana, USA, and a supernatural phenomenon occurred.

The story of Netflix’s entry into the game business is not sudden. After announcing its second quarter results in July, Netflix sent a letter to shareholders to inform them of the entry into the game business.

In the future, he also announced that games will be included as new content categories, such as original movies and animations.

Foreign media predicted that this year would be impossible with respect to the global release schedule of it game content. The reason was that it had not developed a lot of games. Netflix has yet to announce specific plans.

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