New privacy center for Meta users.

    The world’s largest social media company Meta (formerly Facebook) has come up with a new privacy center for its users. On this hub, users of the company’s platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp will be told about the privacy options. Users will be told how Meta collects and uses their data. They will also get all the security features related to the platform together in the privacy center.

    The Privacy Center is currently visible to select users in the desktop version of Facebook and will be made part of all services. The company has said that in the next few months it will be rolled out to users on all apps. In the Privacy Center, users will be able to understand their privacy-related features, read Meta’s data policy, and be told what privacy and security controls the company offers.

    In an official statement, Meta said in an official statement, “We have built many privacy and security related controls and features on our apps over the years and we aim to make users aware of those controls and privacy options with the help of Privacy Center. ” The company wants users to understand the importance of privacy and use the features related to it. Meta’s attempt is thus to win the trust of the users.

    These options will be given in the privacy center

    In the Privacy Center, you will find options in the Security, Sharing, Collection, Use and Ads categories. Users will get the option to set up two-factor authentication (2FA) for account security and see who can see their posts or information. The center will tell about the methods of collecting data of users, the need for their use and the ads appearing on the platform. Users will be given control over the data and its use along with the settings.

    Regulators in different parts of the world keep questioning Meta about the usage of user data. After the meta rebranding from Facebook, the company decided to discontinue the face recognition system. The company said that more than one billion users whose data has been collected so far will also be deleted. Meta’s major source of revenue is user data, which the company shares with third-party sources.

    Meta is the worst company of 2021

    In a survey conducted by Yahoo Finance, Facebook has been named the world’s worst company in 2021. Facebook’s history has not been good regarding the security of users’ data, which is why users do not want to trust it. CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself believes that the company shows ads to users with the help of data and it is necessary to do so. Maintaining user trust is a big challenge for Meta.

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