Now no one will be able to add you to the WhatsApp group, you just have to do this work.

    The instant messaging app WhatsApp has become an important part of our life. If you want to share or send anything with friends, relatives and office people, then most people first use WhatsApp. Not only this, WhatsApp is used the most for chatting with friends. Many times we get to see that without our consent.

    We are added to any group, which causes a lot of trouble to some people. If you also face the same problem, then let us tell you some tips to get rid of it.

    If you also want to avoid being added to any unnecessary group, then follow the steps given below. Let us tell you that after following these steps, the group admin can send you a link through which you can add to the group on your own.

    Steps for not get added to nonconsenting WhatsApp group.

    • Step 1:- First of all, turn on WhatsApp and click on the three dot button on the top right corner.
    • Then select the option of Settings and click on Account.
    • After this you have to go to Privacy, and then click on Groups option. (Here the default settings are set to ‘Everyone’.)
    • Here you will see three options, ‘Everyone’, ‘My Contacts’, and ‘My Contacts Except’. In the ‘Everyone’ option, any user of WhatsApp can add you to the group. In the ‘My Contact’ option, you can add only those people to the group whose phone number is saved in your phone and the ‘My Contacts Except’ option means that you can select selected people from your contacts.
    • You have to select My Contacts or My Contacts Except according to you, then no one will be able to add you to the group without your consent.

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