NSA advice, reboot your smartphone every week to avoid hacking

    Both the use of smartphone and the cases of hacking attacks have increased since the covid-19 epidemic.
    If you follow the advice of the National Security Agency, rebooting the device can be a way to avoid hacking.
    As a member of the Secretarial Intelligence Committee, Sen Angle King has told this way to avoid hacking in the security staff meeting held this year.
    That is, turning the phone off and on can also prevent hacking.

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    Must reboot once a week

    If you want to protect your smartphone from hacking, then you have to follow only two steps, first turn off the phone and then turn it on.
    That is, the classic method of restarting the computer system in case of an error can prove to be useful for mobile devices as well.
    By doing this, hackers will not be able to try to steal the data of the smartphone and many types of attacks can be avoided.

    Advantage of rebooting smartphone

    Rebooting the phone every week will give complete protection from cybercriminals or spy-for-hire firms, it is not.
    With the help of different types of attacks, the risk of infection and hacking in users’ devices will still remain.
    However, due to frequent device restarts, stealing information from the user’s smartphone and maintaining access will not be easy.
    The security agency believes that users must be aware of common defense methods.

    Rebooting the smartphoneis part of the routine

    “It’s important to do this to stop malicious actors,” said Neil Geering, technical director of the National Security Agency’s Cyber ​​Security Directorate Unit.
    A ‘Best Practices’ guide to mobile device security from the NSA brought out last year states that even restarting the phone is one of the many ways to avoid hacking.
    It is advised that rebooting the phone should be made a part of your routine.

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