Pegasus, how does the software work, how much does it cost?

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    What is Pegasus?

    Pegasus is a surveillance software developed by Israel’s security company NSO Group. Through this, a person’s phone can be hacked and his activities can be monitored.

    It is installed in the target’s phone and then remote control of his phone is taken. It acts like a remote access Trojan. According to Colonel Gabi Siboni, a cyber security expert at The Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv, “Not much is known about how it works. It is a highly advanced software. Which is developed by NSO.

    Its manufacturing company NSO was formed in 2009 and it manufactures very advanced monitoring tools. Governments of many countries of the world are its customers.

    Who can buy Pegasus?

    NSO claims that this software is given only to governments or government agencies. According to public information, the government of Panama and Mexico uses it.

    According to the company, 51 percent of its users are government intelligence agencies and 38 percent are law enforcement agencies while 11 percent are the military. According to the NSO, it has been developed with the aim of tracking terrorists and preventing terrorist incidents. Whether the Indian government is its customer or not can not be confirmed. According to Gabi Siboni, “Israel has strict rules regarding the export of military and surveillance technology. It is bound by export conditions, action will be taken if they are violated.” Siboni says, “As it is being claimed in the reports that it has been used against ordinary citizens. If proved, then the Israeli government can take action on it.”

    Is this a tool to monitor the public?

    According to NSO, this is not a mass surveillance tool, but to monitor specific people.

    Through this, those people who are suspected of being involved in criminal activities can be tracked. It monitors the target’s phone by hacking it.

    Professor Harrell says, “It takes control of the target’s phone and gives access to the associated data to the agency. Phone calls can be heard, the phone’s camera and microphone can also be used.”

    How does Pegasus hack the phone?

    According to cyber experts, devices are usually hacked by sending corrupt messages or files to the target.

    Professor Harrell says, “There is not much information available about this software. But it can be assumed that it also hacks the phone like other tools do, just its method may be very advanced. Hackers see some weakness or the other.

    At the same time, Colonel Gabi Siboni says, “It is difficult to say how it works. This is a business secret of NSO. Even researchers associated with the cyber security field do not know much about it yet.”

    “But it’s so advanced that the target doesn’t know that his phone has been hacked and continues to use it as before,” says Colonel Gabi.

    On whether there are any clues through which hacking can be detected.

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