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    There are many strange places in the world, about which people do not believe when they know. One such place is in Norway. The unique thing about this is that no human has died here for the last 70 years. This is a bit strange to hear, but it is hundred percent true. Let us tell you about this place.

    Administration has put a ban on the death of people

    This place is Longyearbyen, a small town in Norway. This city seems to have conquered death. This city is located in Spitsbergen Island. The administration here has banned the death of people only. It is said that no human has died in this unique city of the world for the last 70 years. But you will be surprised to know the reason behind it.

    It is cold all year round

    Actually, the weather in Longyearbyen City of Norway remains very cold throughout the year. In the cold season, the temperature becomes so low that it becomes difficult for a person to survive. Even if someone dies, the dead body remains like this for many years due to cold. It is neither at fault nor rots due to severe cold. Because of this, it takes years to destroy the dead bodies. Because of this, the administration here has banned the death of humans.

    sick person has to shift to another city

    Longyearbyen city administration has to face problems due to the long-term destruction of the dead body due to the severe cold. Due to the dead bodies lying like this for years, no dangerous disease spread in the city, due to which people are not allowed to die here. Even if a person falls seriously ill, he is asked to shift to another city. Then after death at the same place, the last rites of that person are performed.

    The population of the city is about 2000.

    Actually, in the year 1917, a person died here who was suffering from influenza. The man’s body was buried in Long Earbane, but his body still contains influenza virus. Because of this, the administration has banned the death of anyone here so that the city can be saved from any epidemic. The population of this city is about 2000. More people of Christianity live in this unique city.

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