Rep. Williams, be wary of ‘satisfying a narrow subset of voters’ (Your Letters)

    To the Editor:

    Rep. Brandon Williams, as the congressional session begins with you as our representative, please know this:

    You are following in the footsteps of John Katko, who built a widely praised reputation by working with “the other side” and who demonstrated great political courage when faced with historically critical votes.

    You now represent a broad spectrum of constituents that spans the gamut from the super-rich to one of the most impoverished neighborhoods in the nation alongside a Native American community that could use some vigorous advocacy, as well. Central New Yorkers expect representation that advances the economic concerns of the entire region and improves the quality of life for the general population — not just a few.

    “Revenge politics” will not address the concerns or the considerable needs of Central New York. Nor will it satisfy the majority of your constituents. And it will not guarantee your career as our congressional representative if you base your positions on satisfying a narrow subset of voters.

    Remember, for every one person who voted for you this year, another voted against you. So, carefully consider the issues supported by 70% (or more) of the CNY population rather than succumbing to alternative facts. Otherwise, every election cycle for you could be a difficult struggle instead of an easy cruise to victory on a comfortable majority developed by serving a broad swath of your constituents, instead of a narrow, divisive path along marginal politics.

    We’re rooting for you.

    AJ Torelli


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