‘Snoopy’ is going on space travel.

    The US space agency NASA wants to send Snoopy Dogg, the iconic and cute character of the popular Peanuts show, on a spacewalk. It will be sent to the moon next year with NASA’s first Artemis-I mission and will be the world’s first beagle or soft toy to land on the moon. Snoopy was first created by Charles M. Schulz for a comic strip in 1969 and is being sent to the moon nearly 60 years later.

    Why is NASA sending Snoopy into space?

    The agency is going to use the stuffed Snoopy as a zero gravity indicator on the Orion spacecraft, which will orbit the Moon. Let us tell you, NASA’s Artemis-I is an enroute mission, which will test NASA’s Deep Space Exploration System. To go on this mission, it will be dressed as NASA’s Orion Crew Survival System suit uniform. It’s suit is made of the same material from which astronauts’ clothes are m/

    NASA has shared a photo of it from the official Twitter account, in which he is seen in orange uniform. Astronaut Snoopy is now “no longer a stranger to space,” the agency wrote. Snoopy and NASA’s connection goes back nearly 50 years, and it has been the agency’s spaceflight safety mascot since the time of Apollo. The Lunar Module was also named Snoopy in the 1969 Apollo 10 mission.

    “I will never forget watching the Apollo 10 mission with my father, who was proud that his characters were part of the history of space travel,” said Craig Schultz, cartoonist Charles’ son and Peanuts movie producer. “I know it would be great to see Snoopy and NASA travel together in space and explore new frontiers of human experience,” he said.

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