Space tourism started, Space-X sent four civilians on a space walk!

    American billionaire Elon Musk’s company Space-X has started space tourism with the first ‘All Civilian Mission’. The company has sent an all-civilian crew to space for the first time, who will spend the next three days orbiting the Earth. The crew consists of four civilians, two men and two women. The mission is named Inspiration 4 and it has reached space via the Crew Dragon capsule.

    These space tourists took off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida with the help of a Falcon 9 rocket. The company told on the Twitter handle that this crew of ordinary citizens has reached space. The Dragon capsule will reach a 575-km orbit with two-phase burns, where the crew will spend the next three days orbiting the Earth. This is the first space mission of Space-X in which no professional astronaut is part of the crew.

    The Inspiration 4 mission is special because none of the four crew members are professional astronauts and all are civilians. In this way, the company can give a chance to the common people to go to space in the coming days. However, these passengers had to undergo a six-month long training before the mission, which included challenges like mountaineering, facing G-forces and parabolic flight. During this, their health was monitored.

    Space-X’s space mission also aims to raise $200 million in aid for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, Tennessee. The crew also took with them a ukulele, a space bear and a number of digital assets or non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which will then be auctioned to raise the money. This flight is fully automated, but the crew has been given special training by Space-X to take controls in case of emergency.

    Who are the first space tourists of Space-X?

    ‘Shift4Payment’ founder Jared Isaacman has been given the responsibility of leading the mission. Isaacman is also a professional pilot. Haley Arcanoe, the other crew member, has been a cancer survivor and is accompanying as a medical officer. Haley, 29, has become the youngest American citizen to go into space. Other members of the mission are ex-Airforce pilot Chris Sambroski, 42, and Geology Professor Sean Proctor, 51.


    During the entire space flight, biological data of all crew members will be collected to understand the impact on their sleep, heart rate and health during the journey. For the first time, a Cupola Observation Dome has been included in the Dragon capsule, which is the largest space window created to take a view of space. After the end of the journey, this capsule will land safely on the coast of Florida with all the passengers.


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