Stay away from Windows 11 Alpha, dangerous malware is making users victims.

    The final update of Microsoft’s Windows 11 operating system will be rolled out next month, but before that scams related to it have started.
    Several Windows 11 themed malware campaigns are trying to entrap users and steal their banking details.
    One of these is also Windows 11 Alpha, with the help of which magical codes are being activated in the users’ computers.
    It is claiming to share files related to the latest Windows version.

    The malware campaign that has surfaced is targeting Windows users who have not been able to install the latest operating system on their devices.
    Many users do not know that the final rollout of Windows 11 has not started yet and they fall for it.
    Notably, Windows 11 Early Access is currently only available to users who are part of the Windows Insider Program and its final rollout will begin on October 5.


    Reports suggest that the Windows 11 Alpha campaign is using a Microsoft Word document.
    The document is claimed to have been prepared with Windows 11 Alpha.
    Windows users have been told some steps to open a document and most users follow them.
    By doing this, a massage code is activated in the background, with the help of which hackers can steal banking details.

    The information about the Windows 11 alpha attack was shared by Anomaly Security researchers, who found its method and technology working for the attack.
    Researchers claim that a cybercrime group named FIN7 is responsible for the Windows 11 Alpha malware campaign.
    Although the research is not clear what methods attackers are trying to send malicious files to users, but phishing emails may be one way.

    It is claimed by the attacker that the Word file has been created in Windows 11 Alpha, so it will have to go through a new process to open it in other Windows versions.
    Users are asked to follow some steps to open the word file.
    Assuming that files won’t open normally on older Windows versions, users follow the new steps and become victims of malware.


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