The New Fantasy Island Feels Like Magical Realism Therapy — & I’m Really Into It

    Delightfully, the magical island is also invested in teaching life lessons to the people who live and work there. Elena Roarke, who at first seems to be an uptight girlboss archetype, reveals herself to be just as scared of human connection as her guests when she embarks on a relationship with Javier (John Gabriel Rodriguez). Ruby Akuda, played by the stunning Kira Barnesis learning how to be an out queer black woman after staying in the closet for most of her 75-year life (in this case, Fantasy Island is so invested in Ruby’s need for connection that it grants her a new life. She becomes young again in the first season, as long as she doesn’t leave the island. ). Meanwhile, Helena Reyes, introduced to the show in the first episode of the second season and played by Mexican-Egyptian American actor Alexa Mansouris seeking her biological father after losing her mother suddenly the previous year.

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