The water of this river is always boiling, the mystery remains.

    You must have heard about the Amazon jungle. It is counted among the largest forests in the world. It is said that this forest spread over billions of acres touches the borders of nine countries. A boiling river is also a mystery here.

    In which many types of animals are found. There is such a river in this forest, in which the death of a person is almost certain after falling. The water of this river is always boiling.

    This river is present in Peru. Which was discovered by geologist Andre Roujo in the year 2011. Geologist Andre Rujo informed about this river named Mayantuyaku that the water of this river is so hot that you can even make tea from it.

    Andre Roujo told that if any human or animal falls into the water of this river, then his death is almost certain. Andre Roujo himself had seen many small creatures falling into the water of the river, which died instantly.

    According to Andre Rujo, the water temperature of this Peruvian river is about 80 degrees Celsius. Till now it remains a mystery as to why the water of this river remains hot.

    To be clear, Ruzo obviously wasn’t the first to discover the river, and as suggested by its indigenous name – Shanay-timpishka, which means “boiled with the heat of the Sun” – he also wasn’t the first to wonder what made it so hot.

    But his research – backed in part by a National Geographic Young Explorers grant – is finally revealing some of its secrets. It turns out, it’s not the Sun that boils the water, but fault-fed hot springs.

    Imagine Earth like a human body, with fault lines and cracks running through it like arteries. These ‘Earth arteries’ are filled with hot water, and when they come to the surface, we see geothermal manifestations – like the boiling river.

    Chemical analysis has revealed that the water in the river originally fell as rain. Ruzo now hypothesises that this happens far upstream – perhaps as far away as in the Andes – and along its journey seeps down into the ground, where it’s heated up by Earth’s geothermal energy. It eventually emerges in the Amazon, at the boiling river.

    This means the system is part of an enormous hydrothermal system, the likes of which haven’t been seen anywhere else on the planet.

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