This Water Flosser Isn’t Just Pretty — It’s My New Obsession

    My experience with flossing is as basic as they come. Meaning I’ve only ever used the typical floss string or floss picksand the only place I’ve ever encountered the water flosser is at the dentist’s office (which I try to avoid). So, it’s no surprise that when I first turned on the Quip Water Flosser, I was completely caught off guard by its strength. Let’s just say, the water went everywhere, After that first time though, I got the hang of it, and now I’m obsessed. I use it in gentle mode (for my sensitive gums) for about one or two minutes after brushing. I was amazed at the clean feeling after using my electric toothbrush for the first time, but that doesn’t come close to the squeaky cleanness of the post-water-flosser experience. It feels like I just left the dentist—without all the pain. I’m never going back to my life before this flosser.

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