To get relief from the heat, ‘fake rain’ was done in Dubai, is this the only solution to escape from the heat?

    Cloud seeding is a method through which clouds are injected with chemicals or zapped by electricity to create Fake rain.

    The United Arab Emirates government has found a solution to give relief to the people of the country from the scorching heat. The United Arab Emirates has created artificial rain. Fake rain was done with the help of drones.


    Rain was created by Cloud Seeding technology. In Dubai, the mercury reached beyond 48 degrees Celsius. According to the report of Daily Mail, electric shock is given to the clouds through drone technology, clouds are formed and it rains.

    The United Arab Emirates, one of the driest regions in the world, receives only 4 inches of rain every year. This new technology will benefit this country in future also. Cloud seeding technology will also solve the water problem here.

    Drones that make Fake rain will be tried in other cities as well. Drone trials were successful in the United Arab Emirates. On July 15, it rained in many cities of this country. According to a News18 report, in 2017, the United Arab Emirates spent $15 million on nine different rain-making projects.

    HARMFUL EFFECTS ON ENVIRONMENT- However, these experiments are harmful to the environment. The scientist added: “The method can lead to acidification of the oceans, ozone layer depletion and an increase in the levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide. Silver is a heavy, toxic metal and it harms the health of plants, humans and animals. Cloud seeding is also a costly method. A foot of rainfall costs around USD 200.”

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