Twitter account locked for security reasons? This is how to unlock.

    The account of microblogging platform Twitter can be locked in many special circumstances. If your Twitter account is also locked for security reasons or for any other reason, then it can be unlocked. The information that the account is locked is given upon login and a message on the screen saying that you cannot access the account. The company does this to protect the account from hacking.

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    Account security system

    Twitter can lock any account in situations like repeated login attempts or the possibility of it being hacked. Twitter says that users only need to change their password to unlock their account. If your email address is linked to the account, then the company also sends instructions related to unlocking the account. Apart from this, the account can also be locked in case of violation of Twitter rules.

    Steps  to unlock the account

    First login to your account, after which the message related to its locking is shown on the screen. Here click or tap on ‘Start’. Now an option will be given to enter your phone number linked to the account. Twitter can provide the verification code by sending a text message or calling this number. After entering this verification code, click on submit and the account will be unlocked.

    Keep in mind that if your Twitter account is locked for violating any rules, you will not get all the Twitter features. You will be able to browse Twitter and send messages to your followers. However, in this case you will not be given options like Tweet, Retweet or Like. On the other hand, only your followers will be able to see tweets made by you in the past, and your timeline will not be visible to public social media users.

    May have to verify account information

    In many circumstances, account information such as email address and phone number may need to be verified and completed in order to restore an account or features. Apart from this, the account can be restored even after deleting that tweet, which is violating the rules of Twitter. It is important to understand that repeated violations of Twitter’s rules on the part of the user may result in permanent suspension of the account.

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