Twitter banned for sharing personal photos and videos without permission.

    New rules have been shared by the microblogging platform Twitter in the past, in which the sharing of photos of users without consent has been banned. The company has changed its policy saying that before sharing someone’s photo, it will be necessary to take his consent. After the new changes, users who are not public figures will be able to request Twitter to remove shared photos without their permission.

    The platform has informed about the new changes by sharing a blog from Twitter Safety Account. Twitter has said that the new policy will not apply to “Public Figures or Individuals when their photo is tweeted with text in public interest”. The company said, “We will try to understand the context in which a photo is shared and in such cases the photos or videos will not be removed from Twitter.”

    Trying to save users from trouble

    Twitter will try to save users from trouble with this change. The company has already banned the sharing of personal information of users such as phone numbers or addresses. In fact, users have been continuously complaining that they are harassed by sharing their personal information on Twitter. These users want support from Twitter to protect them from sharing personal information.

    Not all users agree with the new rules and some have even questioned them. Jeff Jarvis, a journalism professor at the City University of New York, wrote in his tweet, “Does the new change mean that every face in the photo will have to get permission? For example, what if I click a photo in Central Park? I have to get permission to share the photo from everyone present there?”

    Recently Changed Twitter CEO

    Changes related to the platform have been made after the recent change of CEO of Twitter. This week Jack Dorsey has resigned from the post of Twitter CEO and this responsibility has been given to Parag Agarwal of Indian origin. Compared to other social media platforms, there are more cases of harassment of celebrities and public figures on it. It will be the responsibility of Parag to put a check on such cases.

    Feature to remove followers without blocking

    In the past, Twitter web users have also been given the option to remove followers from the list without blocking. After going to the profile and clicking on the followers list, you will see the names of all the followers. After clicking on the three dots appearing in front of the name, you have to click on the Remove Follower option. After this the follower will be removed from your list and he will not see your tweets.

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