Twitter – Soon you will be able to tweet in more than 280 characters.

    Some new features have been given by micro blogging platform Twitter, which will benefit creators and general users. Apart from this, a big change can be seen in the form of tweet character limit and users will soon be able to tweet in 280 characters. The platform will also have the option to tip favorite creators with the help of bitcoins. The company’s effort is also to give more opportunities to the creators to earn.

    Twitter may change the character limit of tweets to promote conversations on the platform. At the time of Twitter launch, users used to get a chance to express themselves in only 140 characters. However, this limit was later doubled to 280 characters. Now it has emerged that considering the need of users doing long conversations, this character limit can be increased further.

    Twitter Head of Consumer Product Kebon Bakpour announced the new changes in an official news release. He said, “We think Twitter can become such a platform on the Internet where users can discuss among themselves on different types of issues. We are working in that direction.” He said that the company’s effort is to make Twitter easier and better for everyone, so changes can also be made to the existing character limit.

    About four and a half years ago, Twitter rolled out the option for users to post tweets in threads. A tweet on the microblogging site has character limits, so users have to use threads to share long posts. Twitter conversations can be done easily with this feature. However, long posts in threads have to be written in multiple parts and the new change will make the process better.

    With Twitter’s new ‘social privacy’ tools, users will be able to manage and make changes to their social space. With these tools, users will be able to decide whether they want to keep their account private or public. Apart from this, users will also be able to private and hide the list of followers and tweets liked by them. The platform may also offer the option to record the spaces.

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