Twitter – Support for full-sized image functionality on twitter web.

    Earlier in the year, Twitter announced that users would get the option to post full-size images on the platform. Earlier, only part of the photo was visible on the Twitter timeline, which when tapped showed the whole photo. After the new change, the full photo is shown in the timeline. Till now this functionality was only available in the Twitter mobile app and now it has been made part of the web version as well.

    Images were seen in this aspect ratio

    Before full-sized images functionality on the microblogging platform, only photos with 16:9 aspect ratio were visible. Images that did not support this ratio were only visible on the timeline and were cropped. The company did this due to streamline usage of the feed, so that all the photos look the same. However, now users get the option of full-length image preview before uploading the photo.


    Twitter had been testing the change for full-sized images since March this year. Along with this, another feature was also being tested, with the help of which users will get the option to upload 4K images and videos on the platform. The second feature has also recently been made part of Twitter and users can enable the upload of high-quality images by going to the settings. Changes related to images will also be visible to everyone in the platform.

    Twitter also brought subscription service

    In the year 2021, Twitter has also rolled out its opt-in paid monthly subscription service Twitter Blue. Along with this, many premium features like Undo Tweets are being given. Users who have subscribed and paid for Twitter Blue can also customize their Twitter experience with exclusive app icons. At the same time, with the new ‘Custom Navigation’ feature, subscribers will be able to make changes in their navigation bar for quick access.

    Blue users have early access to features

    YouTube’s premium subscribers are also given Labs features and now itcan bring a similar model for its paid service. New features that will be given to Twitter Blue subscribers to test with Labs include Pinned Conversations on iOS, which will allow certain conversations to be pinned to the top of the list. Apart from this, users can also get the feature to upload long videos on the desktop for early access.

    Twitter web users will be able to remove followers from the list without blocking with another new feature, for this you will have to go to the profile and click on Followers. After the followers list appears, you will see the names of all the followers. After clicking on the three dots appearing in front of the name, you have to click on the Remove Follower option. After this the follower will be removed from your list and he will not see your tweets.

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