Vaccinated badges can be seen on the Co-Win profile.

    The help of the Co-Win platform was taken for the covid-19 vaccination in India and now some changes are being made in it. On this portal, users can see partially or fully vaccinated badges on their profiles. Apart from this, the Government of India has brought this platform as a global covid-19 tracking portal and an open-source software. In the Co-Win Global Conclave held in July, 142 countries used it.

    National Health Authority CEO Dr. RS Sharma said in a tweet that the Co-Win platform will now also show vaccinated badges in the form of shields. With this badge, the covid-19 vaccinated status of the users can be easily confirmed. The new feature related to the Vaccinated Badge is being rolled out to all the users who have undergone vaccination across the country. This shield will be visible on login with the help of registered mobile number in platform.

    You can share your vaccination status

    If you want to share your vaccinated status, first of all you have to login by visiting the Co-win website. After entering the registered mobile number and OTP, you will see the Vaccinated Badge in front of the name. Click on the ‘Share Your Status’ option appearing in the top right corner. Now you will see two cards related to sharing the vaccinated status, from which one can be selected. You can also share it with others by copying the link of the vaccinated status.

    Co-win is available as open-source software

    At the co-win Global Conclave held in July, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced that Co-win would be made an open-source platform. In this way many countries of the world will be able to use it for their vaccinated drive. Now a tweet from the PMO India account has confirmed that this platform can be used as open-source software for free worldwide. That is, other countries will be able to make necessary changes in it for its use.

    This is how the Covin platform works

    More than one billion covid-19 vaccine doses have been administered in India and Co-Win monitors this data in real-time. As an Electronic Vaccination Intelligence Network, Cowin has collected data from the entire vaccination drive. It provides cloud-based IT solutions from vaccination drive preparation to implementation. This platform not only tracks vaccinations, but also records the number of vaccines perishable.

    “Countries that showed interest in the CoWin platform at the Co-Win Global Conclave include Canada, Mexico, Nigeria, Panama and Uganda. The Government of India has been able to handle the entire campaign properly with the help of this platform and this platform has been able to handle lakhs of people together. In the conclave, India shared its vaccination drive experience with delegates from other countries and explained the benefits of CO-WIN to them.”

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