Types of soil used for Gardening

The development of any kind of plant depends on its soil, so always choose such a soil according to the plants in which all the nutrients are present in the proper amount. Just as there are different types of plants, the soil used in their pots is also different.

Sandy soil

The sandy soil considered best for gardens is mostly found in desert areas and its nature is gritty and grainy. By the way, this soil is easily available in every area of India. Keep in mind that this soil is more suitable for plants that need more water as sand absorbs water sooner and retains moisture in the plants for a longer period of time.

Peat soil

Generally people know peat soil as marshy soil and it is considered very good for plant growth. You may not be aware of this, but most of the farmers also use this soil for the production and good growth of the crop because it is low in phosphorus and it is rich in many nutrients along with salt. You can also use this clay.

Loamy soil

Loamy soil is considered very good for garden because the nature of this soil is very fertile. The main reason for this is that equal amounts of clay, sand and silt soil are present in this soil. The biggest feature of this soil is that it retains moisture and also has proper drainage. Along with this, the flow of air to the roots of the plants also reaches well.