What is a credit card?: A Productive Rant About it

    What is a credit card?

    Credit card is a card from which people can buy goods without money, electronic payment is made from this card and they are a common method. These cards are made of plastic and they are linked to one account, credit means In this loan, the bank lends you money in advance and later withdraws the interest by paying interest on those money, that means if you do not have money and you want to buy any goods then you can buy the goods easily using the card. There are many types of cards and every card has a limit.

    Why we need it?

    When the bank lends you money, you have to pay those money after 60 days to the banks. If you do not make these payments, then there is a continuous interest on those money and they keep increasing, these cards are available to you. You can also speak and through this you can easily do shopping, money transfer etc., you can use credit cards not only in your country but also abroad because payments banked by credit card

    Types of Credit Card

    Gold Card – Gold Credit Card is a unique Secured Card which is valid everywhere and its limit is also very high, you can use it at the place where you are used Visa Card or MasterCard.

    Gold cards are for people whose income is very high, a person who holds a gold card is considered a reputed person. Annual Fees of such cards are more than ordinary cards, so these types of cards are mostly big businessmen. Use

    Benefit of Gold Credit Card

    • Limits of such cards are very high, so you can do unlimited shopping.
    • If a person has a Gold Card, then he is given another Credit Card which any member of his family can use.
    • A lot of facilities are also provided on such cards like Traveling, Insurance, Cash Back Offers etc.
    • Platinum or Titanium Card – These types of cards are very prestigious and beneficial, they are not less than Gold Cards from any point of view, as Platinum Rings have more value, Gold Rings also have similar cards.
    • When you compare Platinum Card to Ordinary Cards, they give a lot of benefits, the limits of such cards are much higher than ordinary cards and with such cards you can spend unlimited fees to many such cardholders. Offers of manner such as Traveling Offers, Hotels Offers, or Entertainments Offers etc.

    Heard Immunity : What is Heard Immunity?

    Benefits of Platinum Credit Card

    1. If your Platinum Card is stolen or lost somewhere, then you do not need to panic because this type of cards has very good security, even if lost, you have an immediate credit in the bank or the company that has the credit card. You can call it and block it easily.
    2. Such card holders do not have to pay any annual fee every year.
    3. Silver Card – This is a card that can be easily taken by any person, if you do a job somewhere, banks or any other company will be ready to give you such cards easily because its membership Fees are very less and to take such cards, it is not necessary that your salary is too much, so many people have these types of cards nowadays.
    4. The benefits of Silver Card are less than Gold and Platinum Credit Card, such cards are usually made for the people doing the job and these cards are either very low or Zero if they talk about Annual Fees. Are occur
    5. The limit of such cards is neither kept too much nor too low.
    6. Such card holder does not have to pay any fees annually.

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