What is a memory card?

    People who do not know the memory card, many people will remember that day when you go to a store to listen to the songs in the mobile, to fill the memory card, I am using this word because to start the songs in the memory card. Also had to go to the shops at some point of time, you could not listen to the songs directly from the Internet. Let’s talk about this memory card has been increasing the memory of your phone since very old time i.e. if you have more memory than you If memory is required then it fulfills what is a memory card and how it works –

    A memory card is a device through which you can easily and rapidly transmit any data from one place to another, it works just like a portable hard disk drive, in which you can take your required photos or videos. You can also store it and if I say that it is more reliable than a Compact Disc then it will not be wrong because there is a risk of corrupting your data in the CD, but this is not the case with it. Protects, it is commonly used in mobile phones

    Memory cards are also called SD cards and work on flash memory, flash memory is used for electronic devices such as digital cameras, video games, etc. In memory cards you can easily store your data, images, You can easily protect videos or files required by your computer.

    How memory card works

    Memory cards work on flash memory and are used to store any of your data, they are completely different from other media storage and they do not require any power to keep any data. is

    If you want to use a memory card, first of all your electronic device like mobile phone or digital camera will have to read your card, today many computers have a memory card slot, you can easily insert your memory card in it and If your system does not have a memory card slot, you can buy USB from the market so that your system will be able to read your card easily and you can save any data from your system to your memory card.

    If you talk about the data store in the memory card, then your data is stored through electronic series called NAND Chips, these chips allow you to write any of your data to your card or store the data, The chips that are installed in these cards cannot go to one place, they only work for fast transfer of your data.

    How to repair a memory card

    SD card is considered to be the best way to store any data in Android phones and digital cameras, if there is an error in your SD card and if you format it then all your data is lost from it.

    If there is any such error in your data, then you should first stop using your card, because if you continue to use your card continuously, then the chances of your data being exhausted will be increased, any corrupt card or damage. The card does not allow you to store data

    If you want to remove your data from your Damage Card then-

    1. First of all, you have to connect your SD card to your system, so that you will know what the problem is in your card, after all, sometimes by putting it in the system, your card can be repaired, you can send your card Can connect via card reader
    2. You can fix your SD card through Command Prompt, for this you must first
    3. You have to connect your corrupt SD card to your system through a card reader so that your system can detect your card.
    4. Then you have to go to MY COMPUTER / THIS PC
    5. After that you go to the device and drive, find the SD card and write the drive letter with you.
    6. Now you run the command Prompt, type chkdsk h: / r where h is the letter of your drive.

    This command will scan your corrupt card completely and fix it if there is any problem, after which your card will start working perfectly again and you can store any of your data in it.

    Major reasons for damage

    1. Physical Damages – Due to the small size of the SD card, the chances of its Physical Damages are very high, today there are many SD cards that do not matter on water, no matter how long you put them in the water. Keep it, if any SD card is Electrostatic Discharge, then it is considered completely bad because all types of SD cards are electronics.
    2. File System Corruption – The operating system of your smart phone or your digital camera makes a big difference because whenever you want to go to your SD card, you have to first go through the operating system of your system, so if your operating If the system is not working properly then it can also damage your card
    3. Accumulating Bad Sectors in SD Card – This creates some space in your card in which no data can be stored, if once the card sector is in your card then it slowly spreads throughout your card and Completely ruins your card
    4. Insert or Remove SD Card Improperly – Whenever you are putting your card in your phone or camera or in your system, it should be applied very carefully because if you are in a hurry to install or remove it then your card is damaged. Increases the risk of
    5. Virus or Malware Infection – If your SD card is not working properly, then there may be a virus in your card. Suppose if a virus has been downloaded on your phone by mistake then it can easily be found on your card. Your card does not work properly as it can go in
    6. Interruption in SD Card Formatting – Sometimes you need to format your SD card due to some Reasons, if your formatting process stops due to some reason or there is another problem then it makes a difference on your card. Which increases the chances of its deterioration
    7. Manufacturing Defects – You can also add manufacturing in Defects because today there are many types of cards in the market, today some cards are very high and some are very low, then people try to buy mostly cheap ones. Which increases the chances of them getting a bad card.


    The memory card was invented by Fujio Masuoka in Toshiba in 1980, the first time a PC card was introduced in 1990, which is used today to connect input output devices to companies, and more in 1994. Many types of cards came into the market such as Compact Flash, Smart Media etc.

    In today’s time, computers, mobile phones have separate slots for SD cards, earlier memory cards used to have less ability to store but their prices were very high, but today their storage capacity over time Has been greatly increased and prices have been reduced so that everyone can buy them easily

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    1. The memory cards are so small that you can easily carry them anywhere
    2. Today memory card storage is very much, so that you can easily store a lot of your data in it.
    3. When you are storing any of your data in them, they do not make any sound at all.
    4. The biggest advantage of these is that you can easily install them in many devices such as mobile phones, cameras or even in your system.
    5. If you want to send any data to the memory card then they require very less power.

    Memory card loss

    1. Due to the small size of the memory card, they are easily lost or easily broken.
    2. If you compare them to CDs and DVDs then the prices are very high.


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