What is a web server and how does it work

    What is a web server and how it works, yes this question will often come to your mind whenever you open a website on the Internet, then you must be wondering where this website will be saved and it will be on our computer. How will the answers to all your questions are available here?  

    What is a web server and how does it work

    Before understanding a web server, we understand what a server is. A server is a type of computer system that is connected to the network and provides a data service or program to another system if needed, in direct language. If a computer shares a resource to another computer, the sharing computer is called a share and the other computer is called a client. Different servers are created to do different tasks like e-mail servers, web servers, chat servers.

    Types of servers

    FTP Server

    FTP means File Transfer Protocol Which is a very old internet protocol server, with the help of which a file is moved from one place to another on the internet. FTP server allows the user to file security, file transfer, organize the file.

    Mail Server

    You will send and receive e-mails several times a day, in addition to this you will also see old e-mails in your inbox, all these e-mails are stored on a mail server and it uses the mail server SMTP Protocol, which is full There is a form (Secure Mail Transfer Protocol) which helps in sending your e-mail from one user to another.

    File Server

    When you networking between multiple computers and create a local area network and share files in that network, the file server network sends a copy of that file to another computer and in the process it uses the File Transfer Protocol.

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    Audio and Video Server

    Nowadays there are a lot of platforms that offer music and video streaming, such as Spotify for music and Netflix for video. In a way, both of these are Multimedia Streaming Services that can download multimedia files without downloading Direct It provides the facility to play, for this, they store all the data on a server and on the request of the user, they play it.

    Chat Server

    Chat Server is a server with the help of which we can talk to each other in a few seconds, no matter how far it is, like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. We can talk to anyone and anywhere and All those chats remain on the chat server

    Proxy Server

    A Proxy Server is a computer that acts as a gateway between a user’s computer or the Internet, thereby establishing an Indirect network connection to a client computer and other networks if a website is blocked in a school, college, or office. So we can open very easily through Proxy Server, similarly we can see a website on our computer system, but the system connecting to the website’s server is something else called a Proxy Server.

    Now, let’s understand what a webserver is –

    Web server

    A web server is a type of software that serves to serve the webpage of any website. Whenever you send a request for a webpage on the Internet, the web server itself transmits the web page to the user as we can from the server. Have understood that a server is a type of machine and a software called web server is installed on this server.

    You see thousands of millions of websites are created every day on the Internet, on which millions of files are uploaded, these files are stored on a web server on the Internet, in fact it is only a type of computer connected to a high speed network 24×7. Live and around the world, whenever a user accesses a web site from a web browser, the web server transmits the data of the website to the user within a few seconds. Work is data storage

    Conclusion – In this article we learned what are web servers and how many types are there, we have learned how we can use these servers and where we can be, so hope you have liked this article.


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