Affiliate marketing, Digital marketing There is a way in which the product’s links are shared through a website or a blogger or a YouTube by not directly advertising, a certain commission is given to the person who shares the link, this commission is paid to him. A product is purchased from the website by clicking on the link. This link is called affiliate link and this method is called affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing can only be taken advantage of if the affiliate marketer has more followers, that is, affiliate links should be shared with more people. Let us know how it works.

Affiliate marketing works in some way

Affiliate marketing is a fully commissioned business. Many eCommerce websites and companies use this p;atform to make their product accessible to more and more people. For this company starts an affiliate program when a blogger, YouTube If you join the program, then a special type of link is provided by that company. This link is called affiliate link. Through this link, the earnings from the affiliate are tracked. Publishes on its website or channel Now when a viewer visits the website or youtube channel and clicks on the affiliate link there and buys that product from the respective website, then the blogger or youtuber is given a fixed commission in advance by the company This commission can range from 01 percent to 10 percent of the price of the product. This is how the entire cycle of affiliate marketing works.

Let’s get information about some words related to Affiliates.


Affiliates are those individuals who join an affiliate program offered by a company, share affiliate links on their website or blog

Affiliate link

Affiliate links are provided to affiliates after joining the affiliate program. This is a type of traffic link that can be easily tracked by clicking on the affiliate’s earnings when a person buys a product.

Affiliate id

When you join an affiliate program, you are given this unique affiliate ID, it is just like a user ID, the affiliate company generates the affiliate link using this unique ID and through that it Also be able to track how many sales have taken place from your affiliate link so that your commission is paid to you

Affiliate commission

When an affiliate sells a product through its affiliate link, a certain amount of money already paid by the company is given to the affiliate. This amount is called affiliate commission.

URL shorteners

The URLs provided on the affiliate website are very large. An app is used to shorten the URLs called URL shorteners. It reduces the links that you can easily find on any social media platform or website. Link to that URL

Affiliate manager

An Affiliate Manager is provided by a company to manage their account, which personally gives the Affiliates tips and tricks on how they can further increase their sales.

Payment mode

All affiliate companies pay affiliates only after a certain amount has been collected, there are different ways for how you will receive this payment, if you wish, in the form of a gift card directly in the bank account or through Pay Pal. Can get commission

How much money can be earned from affiliate marketing

It is not easy to answer this question. In today’s time, a lot of affiliates are earning Rs. 10000 per month to lakhs of rupees every month from affiliate marketing. The revenue of affiliate marketing depends on the traffic on your blog, website or YouTube channel. That is, the number of visitors and how many purchases those visitors make from your affiliate link, your commission is decided accordingly. It is not a simultaneous business, it will have to work slowly and maintain your trust in affiliates. Will this business can give you a lot of benefits in the long run?

To do affiliate marketing, if you have a blog or website or you have a YouTube channel, then your work can be very easy, because in the end the sale is only going to get through the visitors, if you want, other social media platforms Can also start the affiliate market.

Front End and Back End web development

Affiliate Marketing Course

By the way, you do not have to do any affiliate marketing course. To do affiliate marketing, you need to have a little knowledge of internet and technology, how to create an account, how to create links and how to share them. Over time, you become an expert on your own. For the initial knowledge, you can watch any video on YouTube which is related to affiliate marketing.

Affiliate links can also be used with other advertising networks on blogs or websites such as most bloggers use Google Adsense to generate income from your blog, you can easily use affiliate marketing with Google Ad Network. Can can


Although the above has been tried to give all the information about affiliate marketing, but if any point has been missed, then you can ask us by commenting, we hope that you will definitely like this information given about affiliate marketing. You must have come and try your hand in the field of affiliate marketing too! Have a nice day.




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