What is Artificial intelligence? whose use is increasing rapidly, know its advantages and disadvantages.

    Artificial intelligence is being discussed for the last several years. The use of artificial intelligence is being emphasized in the world too. This technology is present in the form of games like Shatrand available in phones or computers, robot-like devices including Google and Alexa voice assistants. However, work on this technology is still going on. Today we will tell you about Artificial Intelligence here, what is this system, how it works and what are its advantages and disadvantages.

    What is Artificial intelligence

    It is one of the best technologies in the world. It is made up of two words artificial and intelligence. It means “man-made thinking power. With the help of this technology such a system can be created, which will be equal to human intelligence i.e. intelligence. Through this technology, algorithms can be used for learning, recognition, problem-solving, language, logical reasoning, Digital data processing, bioinformatics and machine biology are easily understood, apart from this technology is capable of thinking, understanding and acting on its own.

    In 1955, John McCarthy officially named this technology as Artificial Intelligence. Let us tell you that John McCarthy was an American computer scientist. He defined artificial intelligence to make machines smart.

    There are four types of artificial intelligence

     Relative machines

    It is the oldest form of artificial intelligence system. These machines are not able to store old data and also do not use past experiences to make decisions. It responds by storing limited data. For example, in 1997, IBM made a chess-playing supercomputer “Deep Blue” with whom the famous chess player Garry Kasparov was defeated. The facility to store memory was not given in this super computer. Deep Blue played the game based on the opponent’s current move.

    Limited Memory

    The artificial intelligence of this form stores the data of the past and uses the old data to predict the future activities. The interesting thing is that this system is capable of learning and taking decisions on its own.

    Theory of Mind

    This type of artificial intelligences has reached the limits of the human brain by machines. At present, many machines are working as voice assistants. For the time being, work on this type is going on.


    Work is going on on this type of Artificial Intelligences. Scientists believe that with the advent of this system, robots will be able to know like humans what their existence is. After this there will be no difference between humans and machines.

    How artificial intelligences works

    IT is a part of machine learning. This technology is supported in hardware and software, so that the algorithm can be easily understood. AI is not synonymous with any programming language.

    It works on three skills

    learning process

    It focuses on creating rules to receive data and convert it into qualified information. These are called algorithms. These algorithms help the computer system to complete the task.

    Reasoning Process

    Under this skill, It selects the right algorithms to reach the desired result.

    self-correction process

    Through this skill, It automatically corrects the algorithms, so that users can get accurate results.

    Benefits of artificial intelligence

    • The medical sector of the country is going to benefit the most from this technology. With this technique all the work like X-ray reading will become easier. Doctors will be helped in research. Not only this, patients can be treated better with artificial intelligence.
    • The field of sports will also benefit greatly with the help of artificial intelligence. Players will be able to monitor their performance through this technique. Apart from this, people will get the facility to understand the game easily with technology.
    • From schools and colleges to people associated with the field of agriculture will benefit greatly from this technology.

    Demerits of artificial intelligence

    • With the advent of this, unemployment will increase the most, because in the coming times, machines will be made to work instead of humans.
    • With the advent of this, the human race can end, because robots can develop themselves through this technology and make themselves dangerous weapons. However, this period is still a long time to come.


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