What is DAT Test?

    A team of scientists claims to have found a simple way to measure at least one aspect of our creativity. In fact, a team of scientists from Harvard University has developed an algorithm-based program called Divergent Association Task (DAT) that can tell your creativity level in a matter of minutes.

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    What is DAT Test

    This is a kind of self-test with the help of which you can know about your creativity in a few minutes. It works best when you don’t know much about how it analyzes our creativity. In this new test method, people are asked to name 10 nouns that are completely opposite in meaning, i.e., which have no relation to each other. For example, cat and book and dog are quite different from each other.

    How DAT Works

    A computer algorithm measures this semantic distance between the exact opposite nouns you mentioned. Algodmy analyzes how much the two words or nouns mentioned by a person have to do with each other. Scientists have tried this test on 8,914 volunteers. Based on the analysis of their responses, scientists have said in their published research that, many theories prove that creative people have the most differences of opinion than ordinary people. If this is true, measuring the semantic distance between just two unrelated words a person says can be a simple way to know their difference of opinion.

    How accurate are the results of DAT test?

    The alternative uses task (where you think of as many uses for an object as possible) and the bridge-the-associative gap task (where you combine two words with a third word) are two current measures of creativity. , but DAT works in reverse. Harvard University psychologist J. According to Olsson, creativity scores in the DAT correlate with other scores as well. Which means it is as useful in assessing creativity as any other complex tool or method. Furthermore, statistics show that its effectiveness is applicable across different demographics as well, making it suitable for large-scale surveys. Also the DAT test is simple and can be done in minutes. It also does not require any kind of human evaluation, in which the presence of bias cannot be ruled out.

    You can do your test like this

    According to Olson, the DAT test examines a person’s divergent thinking and verbal creativity. The test can’t tell how creative you can be when cooking in the kitchen, but it can certainly measure a person’s aptitude for problem solving tasks. Psychologists believe that more creative people are able to easily associate elements or words with the opposite meaning in their mind. This aptitude is tested in DAT. A more comprehensive approach will have to be taken, taking into account achievements in creative fields such as music creation and inventions. The DAT could make future creativity studies a little easier. To test your creativity, visit the DAT Test website and find out what your creativity percentage is in ten simple words at

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