What is doorstep banking, how to use

    A person wants to protect his money without loss of life and property, for which he does not have to take recourse to any other person and does not have to cut the wheels of banks repeatedly but his work does not work without the bank’s transaction to solve this problem. For the doorstep, the doorstep banking service has been started by the government. Its main objective is to introduce this service for everyone, be it businessmen or farmers, elderly or young people, which will be introduced in the coming days. If it will prove to be a boon for everyone, then let us know about the this service.

    What is doorstep banking

    Door Stap Banking service is a communication medium that will benefit people of all ages, especially elderly and disabled people. This service was launched on September 9, 2020, through doorstep banking service, depositing money in the bank for everyone to withdraw money. Important tasks such as drafting, etc. can be done and services can be availed without paying any fee at the home of the banks. For all these very important services, the banks themselves will come to your home and serve you.

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    When did banking start in India

    The first bank in India was started in 1770 as the Bank of India, the banking service in India was started two hundred years ago. The establishment of banking in India during the British era East India Company started with three banks, including Bank of Bengal 1806. , Bank of Bombay 1840 and Bank of Madras in 1843

    Doorstrap banking service launched

    To make banking easier and easier, Nirmala Sitharaman has started this services. With the introduction of this service, banking services will be easily accessible to your homes. The government has enhanced this service under the enhanced access and service clearance reforms. Was launched by the Financial Services Department in the year 2018.

    Who will benefit from doorstep banking service

    Under this service, banks have set up a common service provider to connect customers with banks. The introduction of doorstep banking service was first designed to serve the elderly and the differently-abled, but in view of the corona transition the scheme To get doorstep banking service for all common citizens, you have to call the web portal, mobile app or call centers of banks and inform the doorstep banking service immediately after that.

    State Bank of India will provide facilities at home

    Doorstep banking service has been launched by the State Bank of India to provide convenience to the customers sitting at home, this service is providing pick-up facility to the customers, as more and more number of customers are also taking advantage of it. Doorstep banking service has been implemented from November 01, 2020, can be saved from time wastage and waste of money. Now the bank employee will come to your house and deposit all the papers in the bank, in return you will have to pay some charge, so that You can get rid of the bites of the banks and you can get your work done very easily.

    Do you have to pay any charge for doorstep banking service

    Under this service you have to pay some banking charges for which you have to pay some service charge which is between Rs 60 to 200 (Plus Taxes).

    Is doorstep banking service available daily?

    Door Stap Banking service will be received on those days when the banks are open, you can not get the benefit of this service when there is a holiday, as well as when you put a request to take the service of Door Stap Banking Service, then that request is processed. Takes 1 to 2 days

    Why doorstep banking service is important

    Most of the people have to face very difficult to reach the bank and have to depend on others, these can be avoided by using this service and will not have to depend on anyone and 100 with this service. There is also a guarantee of life and property security which is necessary for every human being. Doorstep banking service is a step taken to bring about a revolutionary change in the country which will prove to be a milestone for every Hindustani in the future. Will provide a new direction and condition to the society

    What to do to get doorstep banking service

    To avail the doorstep banking service, the consumer has to place a request on the mobile app given by the bank, which is accepted by the bank and further action is taken on it. Thus, through the mobile app and banking app, you can do doorstep banking from home. Get the service and can avail more facilities related to the bank

    Where to register for doorstep banking service

    You can request for doorstep banking service by calling toll free number 18001037188 and 1881213721, apart from this you can also avail this service by visiting whether this service is available in your city or not. Select your state and district in the dropdown menu given on the website


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