What is Email and email history

    Before knowing what is Email we will look on the methods of sending information-to a person.

    In the past, when we had to give information to a person, we used to give it through a letter, which used to take a lot of time to answer, but it is not so in today’s time, things have changed since the arrival of the internet today. Anyone can easily send information to anyone in a short time, through e-mail, you can not only send text but can also send videos easily, it can also be said that the e-mail has used the Internet Has given a lot of boost to the popularity of e-mail, you can find out from the same thing that earlier people used to ask the address of someone’s home or office but now they ask the address of e-mail

    Email history

    Electronic Mail is abbreviated as Email. E-mail was started in 1965.It is an Internet service. The facility to compose, send and receive email was already available to the user from ARPANET. ARPANET full name Advanced Research Projects Agency Network is the world’s first Packet-Switching network, which was the first network in the world to use the TCP / IP model ARPANET itself led to the foundation of the Internet and more networks than ARPANET The TCP / IP model was invented in 1974 to connect


    What is electronic mail

    Electronic Mail Or Email is an Internet service. If any of your family, friends or anyone living in a distant country lives, then you can send your message to them in a short time with the help of e-mail, it works in the same way. Is the way our post office works

    To see the e-mail, you need your login id and password, after that you can see the e-mails you have received, if you want, you can also print out the email, both Sender and Receiver to send the e-mail. But it is not necessary to have a similar computer. You can also see your e-mail on your phone. Not only can you write text on e-mail, but you can also send videos, but you have an email to send and receive emails. Address required.

    What is email address

    Email address is also known as email address. It looks like this [email protected] The email address is divided into three parts viz. [email protected]
    1. It contains the xyz username
    2. @ Symbol
    3. The last part is called a domain such as this email address is

    Various Functions of Email System

    1. Composition – Here the sender has an e-mail but there is no need to write the e-mail address automatically and the address of the Receiver is to be sent to the person to whom the mail is to be sent.
    2. Transfer – It is intended for sending e-mail from one place to another, for this an intermediary is needed between the Sender and the Receiver, that is, a connection to the e-mail service provider through the e-mail system. The user does not need to do anything for this to happen on its own
    3. Reporting – Reporting means giving information to the e-mail sender that the e-mail has been received.
    4. Displaying – Displaying means that displaying e-mail on an e-mail monitor can delete this e-mail before or after watching the Receiver and also save it if desired.
    5. Inbox – Inbox keeps all your incoming mail and for this e-mail account gives mailbox to user
    6. Outbox- Outbox contains all the mails that you have sent or forwarded, it is also in the mailbox.
    7. Reply- When you have an e-mail from someone and if you have to reply, you can easily reply to it by clicking on Reply, in this you do not have to type the e-mail of Sender.
    8. forwarding- If someone has sent an e-mail to you and you want to send that e-mail to a third person, then you have to click on Mail Forwarding and type in the e-mail ID you want to send.

    Benefit of e-mail

    1. We can communicate with each other using e-mail, we can communicate with people living far away through e-mail.
    2. E-mail has the other advantage of getting instant reply, it used to take a lot of time to write and reply to the letter earlier, but now it is not so now, through e-mail, you can send e-mail immediately and reply also in a short time. Gets into
    3. You can send and receive information without any expense, without paper and pencil.
    4. You can send e-mail to many people at once and also receive
    5. We get the facility of attaching files through e-mail so that we can attach the necessary files and fonts to the e-mail and also share the necessary links.
    6. E-mail is safe and reliable. It tries to deliver your mail in all circumstances and third person cannot see your sent email.
    7. You are not afraid of sending e-mails. Every e-mail you send is protected on the Mail Server, you can view this copy anytime.

    Email Limits and Disadvantages


    1. If you want to use e-mail, then you have to have a general knowledge of computer.
    2. For sending or receiving e-mail, your computer or mobile phone needs to have a data pack or internet, as well as the email address of both the sender and the receiving person.
    3. The biggest disadvantage of this is the arrival of new e-mails to you and those people you do not even know, these unknowable e-mails in technical language Spam Is called.

    How to create an email account –

    It is very easy to create an e-mail account on the Internet, here we will tell you how you can create your new e-mail account with the help of Gmail.

    1. First you open the site
    2. After that you click on Create Account
    3. Now fill in your details like name, password etc.
    4. Then create email id
    5. Now you click on I Agree and in no time your Gmail account will be ready.

    Difference between Cc and Bcc –

    1. Cc is Full Form Carbon Copy This is a copy of Text In Cc, we write the e-mail address of a person who is not directly connected to us, but we want to send a copy of the text to him.
    2. Bcc’s Full Form is Blind Carbon Copy In this, people are aware of the text that text has been sent to any person other than them.

    Difference between Gmail and Email

    E-mail is very important in today’s time, you send most of the documents through e-mail, but people often get confused in Gmail and Email, let’s know what is the difference between Email and Gmail –

    • Email is the full name of Electronic Mail. We can send text to anyone through e-mail. Sending this text with the help of internet is called e-mail.
    • Gmail is an email service created by Google and is free, you use it to send email to anyone.

    How Email Works

    E-mail acts as a transmit between two computers when the text is passed from one person to another and it is accessed with the help of e-mail. Let us know what steps we use to send e-mail –

    1. First of all, we have to start the e-mail program
    2. Address has to be written where to send e-mail
    3. After this, a message has to be computed using the e-mail.
    4. A command is required to send the message.
    5. When we compose a message, it is in one piece but as it goes on the Internet, it gets separated into many pieces which we call Packets.
    6. In Packets, the sender’s email address is the address of the receiver and the number of characters of the message should not be more than 1500.
    7. If there is a lot of error in the packets, then it sends the request back to the source. All this process is done through SMTP to send the message again. SMTP is full name Simple Mail Transfer Protocol


    I hope that you will definitely like the information given by me in this article, in this article we have learned what is the e-mail and other things related to it, if you like the information given in this article, then your friends. Share with and if you have any Doubt about this article, then please comment by telling.

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