What is Google ADS and how does it work

    Through internet, you see thousands, millions of advertisements every day whether you are watching a video on YouTube or doing some search on Google or using an application on your mobile, you get to see advertisements, most of all these advertisements Advertisements are displayed through Google ADS, even if you are watching that advertisement on YouTube, whether you will be able to see ads of Google ADS on any website, then if you also want to know what is Google AIDS, how it works and Where do so many advertisements come from, so keep reading carefully


    Google Edward is Google’s most prominent source of income, which was launched in October 2000. It is Google’s largest advertising platform where advertisers from all over the world come to advertise here, anyone can advertise their business and their business Google Edward’s ads can be increased by Google’s AdSense program, served on blogs, websites and YouTube channels, so that the traffic coming to that website is shown by adsense of the same choice through AdSense. We talked about AdSense before. Have done but today we know how Google AIDS works

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    As we now know that Google Edward, currently known as Google ADS, is an advertising platform, there are all kinds of tools available for the advertiser so that they can easily create advertisements and also decide the budget according to their own. It helps the advertiser to decide the budget of the advertisement according to the keyword. It is a fully customized platform where you can also advertise with a minimum budget of Rs 100 per day, whether the ad is in video format or text. Be in format

    Suppose you have a pizza shop and you go to Google Edward to advertise it, Google Edward tells you which bird is related to the pizza shop, people search on Google, from here you can select that keyword for your advertisement. Apart from this, you can also select in which country, in which state or in which city you want to advertise, on the basis of language, on the basis of age and gender, as well as on the basis of interest to your audience. You can filter when all the work is done, then you can set the budget on Google Edward as per your choice. You can also run ads for Rs. 100 per day for starters.

    Why should we learn Microsoft Excel

    Google ADS works in three ways, that is, you can run your advertising campaign on Google ADS in three ways –

    1. Search network campaign- Such advertisements are in text format which Google shows in the search on its home page when a user enters the keyword related to that advertisement in the home page.
    2. Display Network- Such advertisements are in image format which you can usually see in a blog, website or app.
    3. Video campaign These types of ads are in video format which are mostly shown on youtube. Placement of these ads is either immediately before the video or you are shown such ads in the middle of the video.

    What does CPC mean on Google ads

    When you create an ad on Google Ads, there you decide the cost per click on the ad, that is, you pay Google Ads only when someone clicks on your ad, it is paid CPC (Coast Par Click ) They say

    Apart from this, you can also decide the cost of each impression and pay based on it, that is, it is not necessary that your ad is clicked here, the payment will be decided based on how many times your ad has been viewed.

    What is the benefit of marketing on Google ads

    • Google ads is a very effective program that is very beneficial for your offline and online business. If you do business online, have a website or blog, then you can increase your sales directly through online advertising. You can bring them to your website, you can register them directly on your website
    • If you want to get phone calls from your customers, then Google Edward gives you the facility of click to call button with your advertisement, so that your customers can click on your ad and call you directly on your phone number.
    • If you do offline business, through Google ADS, you can help your business find them with your customers on Google map and get more and more local customers.


    Hope you have understood what Google Edward is, how it works and what kind of advertisements can be made here, if you still have any question, you can ask us in the comment below.

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