What is Google Adsense how does it work

    If you are a blogger, YouTuber or an Android application developer, then you will know very well about Google Google Adsense. If you are thinking about creating a new website or blog, then you have curiosity about Google Adsense. If you talk about online earning, then the name of Google Adsense comes first, in this post, we are going to know what is Google Adsense, how does Google Adsense work as a publisher or as an advertiser. Why is it important

    Google Adsense is the largest business module of Google which shows advertisements on any online content, it is the simplest and easiest means of earning money online and Google’s largest business module is also the leading company in online advertising companies. Google Adsense acts as a bridge between Google, Advertiser and Publisher. All the work is done automatically, all you need to do is to put a code on your website and Google Adsense starts working.

    Why Google Adsense is the most reliable platform

    The way Google Adsense is advertised is very different from other advertising networks. Google Adsense only shows visitors of a website or blog relevant advertisements of their choice, that is, the website where Google Adsense ad code is placed, only you You will see the advertisements that you are interested in. Let’s understand how this whole system works.

    When you type anything in your browser or in your mobile from your keyboard, that is, in technical language, if you type the keyword, then this information is saved in your internet browser. The language is called a cookie. Now when you again visit a blog, website or YouTube channel where Google Adsense ad code is installed, then that code is first read and detected by that cookie in your browser. What did you search last time so that they can show you ads based on the keywords you have searched?

    In a way, the Google advertisement shows you your personal information after reading it without your permission. It also shares this information with advertisers so that more accurate ads can be shown to the reader.


    Let’s understand the business module of Adsense

    Google Adsense displays advertisements on a website and shows their relevant advertisements to the traffic / readers who visit that website, which benefits everyone. If I talk to everyone, it consists of four people.

    1. Google- According to one estimate, 99 percent of Google’s revenue comes from advertisements appearing on websites and blogs, the remaining one percent comes from other resources, but the thing to understand here is that Google relies on Google publishers for all these advertisements. Percentage ads are displayed through the publisher, on the rest of their search home page, Google is the biggest beneficiary of Google Adsense ads in this way.
    2. Publisher- The second biggest benefit of Google Adsense is the publishers who place Google Adsense ads on their blog or website. The traffic coming to the website is displayed on Google ads by advertisers, instead of Google Adsense clicks and impressions. According to Google, the publisher pays in which some part belongs to Google and some part belongs to the publisher, in this, the biggest advantage of the publisher is that he does not have to go anywhere to take ads, Google Adsense continues to place advertisements on its own and on its own. Wherever the publisher has placed Google Adsense ad codes on its website.
    3. Advertiser Company- At number three, the advertiser company has the advantage that its advertisements are shown only where it is needed, in a very low budget, the advertisement reaches in the middle of a large number of people, the advertiser can decide the price of their advertisement on their own. The system is worked with so much transparency that advertisers can easily increase their business by relying on this system. The advertiser has full control over which types of ads to show on their websites and which are not.
    4. Readers – Readers are the biggest beneficiaries of all this because publishers create a lot of free content for the readers, for which they do not have to pay a single rupee and they always get a lot of information for free.

    Why is adsense better

    There are some major reasons why AdSense is a better option than other ad networks.

    What is Google ADS and how does it work

    Easy interface

    To use Adsense, you just have to paste a small code on your blog or website and AdSense does all the work itself by placement of ads and clicks and impressions on it and the revenue generated on it. Can easily see and control your ads easily

    Easy control

    AdSense Dashboard is very simple so that you can easily control the advertisements on your website at your convenience. You can also decide which ads to show and where not even you can give some advertisers according to your wish. Can also block

    Having more advertisers

    Google Ads ads come from Google Ads which has a large source of advertisers. Google Ad is a platform where advertisers from all over the world place their ads and those ads are displayed through Google Adsense, so Google has advertisements. There is no shortage of

    How much does Google Adsense earn?

    It is difficult to say how much you earn from Google Adsense, your earning depends on how much traffic is on your site, which country is this traffic coming from, what kind of content are you publishing and you How to set your ads

    To see how much you can earn from Google Adsense, you can go to the home page of Google Adsense Income calculator You can use it from here, you can guess how much you can earn with Google Adsense

    Can anyone register google adsense account

    Anyone can register Google Adsense who has a blog, a website, a YouTube channel or an Android application. Google Adsense is a transparent ad network program made for advertisers and in every way it wants with advertisers There is no fraud or their money does not go waste, so before applying on Google Adsense, it is very important to know the terms and conditions of Google Adsense.

    Google always wants the ads to be visible to the person for whom it is meant that the ads should be clicked in the normal way. The biggest rule of Google is that you will never click on your ad nor do your friends, relatives. Or by clicking with the neighbors, clicking this can suspend your Google account. Apart from this there are other terms and conditions which we know further –

    Original content

    You will always publish only original content on your website and will not paste copy from anywhere, so doing this may put your Adsense account in danger.

    Traffic source

    Google always wants that the traffic source on your site should always be right, that is, wrong way traffic should not come to your website from anywhere. Let’s understand the traffic source –

    1. Organic Traffic – Organic traffic is considered to be the best traffic to a website which comes directly from the search engine i.e. when the user has to search for something, he goes to Google search engine and types the keyword after which Google index is Publishes the results of the website or blog that allows the user to access the website or blog, in technical language it is called organic or natural traffic.
    2. Social Media Traffic – When you share your content on social media, the traffic that comes to your website or blog from there is called social media traffic.
    3. Affiliate traffic – When you comment on another website, blog, leave a link to your blog or website, or write a gas code on a blog or website and the traffic you get from there is called affiliate traffic.
    4. Through advertising- Traffic from online advertisements has become very common in today’s time, for this, ad networks are used, according to Google’s policy, advertising online traffic is considered good only when it is Google’s landing page ( A page for which it is advertised) follows the guidelines and does not take the user anywhere else
    5. Direct traffic – When users type your website or blog directly in the address address of the browser and reach your website, that traffic is considered as direct traffic.

    Site navigation of Google AdSense

    According to Google AdSense policy, your website should not use misleading methods in navigation. You cannot use your navigation to increase clicks and advertisements on your ads. You cannot place advertisements where they can be placed on your site. Should be considered as part of a menu such as a menu or download link etc.

    Let’s know about Google’s published policies

    We just had to know Google’s advertising policies, but if you want to take approval of Google Adsense, then you also need to know about Google publisher policies. Google allows publishers to monetize their content. This does not mean that You will start publishing anything and Google will display ads on them, for this you need to know about Google’s publisher policies –

    1. You may not publish any content that promotes any illegal activity or violates the legal rights of any person
    2. You cannot sell or promote any fake goods, in which it is difficult to distinguish between genuine and fake.
    3. You may not infringe on anyone’s intellectual property i.e. copyright infringement. Even if you see this happening, you can complain of copy right infringement under Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).
    4. You cannot promote false, dishonest harassment or services
    5. You cannot display content that provides half-incomplete information to users, moreover you can elaborate Google Publisher Policies Can read and get more information


    If Google Adsense is the simplest and easiest way to earn from Google, then here also Google wants you to work with complete honesty and hard work. Do not commit any fraud. Keep transparency between you and the advertiser if you are Google for a very long time There are many ways to earn a decent amount of money from AdSense.

    Hope you have understood what Google Adsense is and how it works, how to prepare yourself for Adsense, although we have tried to give all the information here, but if there is any point left So you can comment or ask us and welcome your valuable thoughts and suggestions, have a nice day


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