Heard Immunity : What is Heard Immunity?

    Heard Immunity Meaning is the immunity of a community, this community can be a village, city, country only. If this community becomes immune from any disease or makes antibodies against such viruses or bacteria, it is called Heard immunity. vaccination plays key role in this.

    Generally, whenever we humans are ill, we already know the treatment or medicine for the disease. When we go to the doctor, we give us an injection or medicine to cure us.

    Sometimes it happens that some bacteria or virus attacks us which has never been seen till date. We do not have the cure or medicine for this virus, in this case we have only one option that our own The body fought against this bombiri and finished it.

    Heard immunity can be achieved in 2 ways

    1. Natural immunity
    2. Vaccine immunity

    Natural immunity:

    Natural immunity means that our body naturally attains immunity from any disease. How does this happen ??

    The human immune system is so smart that it recognizes every bacterial virus that attacks our body and makes antibodies against it.

    These antibodies kill those viruses or bacteria. But when the virus is completely new or has never been heard of till date, then our immune system takes time to make antibodies.

    Now in the meantime, if a person has a disease before and now this virus or bacteria has been attacked, then his health is worse and chances of dying are also there. As I said earlier, it takes time to produce natural antibodies.

    If a community is cured of a disease by natural date, or if there are antibodies against Yue Kahun, then we call the immunity of that community as Heard immunity.

    Vaccine immunity:

    We must have heard about the vaccine often, when young children are born, they are given vaccines to protect them from life-threatening diseases.

    In the same way, when a new disease starts, doctors make vaccines for that disease. This vaccine produces antibodies against the new disease. These antibodies immediately start fighting against the disease and eliminate the disease.

    Antibodies do not take long to be made through the vaccine and in this way people can be saved from dangerous diseases by dying.

    So now you will know what is Heard Immunity – Heard immunity means the immunity of a community, which is achieved against dangerous diseases.

    Image Credit: WikiImages from Pixabay

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