What is Internet of Things ?

    Have you ever heard about what is Internet of Things or IOT? This is a very advanced technology that we are going to use in our daily life very soon.

    I want to ask you in a question that which vegetable is grown in your house? The answer is probably you or any of your family members. How would you feel if I told you why not your fridge automatically check the availability of vegetables and place the order for the vegetables themselves. Isn’t this very amazing technology.

    I am going to tell you today about this  that how Internet of Things is going to make our life even easier. Internet of Things is such a concept with the help of which all our work will go in automatic mode. We don’t need to worry any more about them. With this we do not need to do our daily work.

    What is Internet of Things (IoT)?

    The full form of IoT is Internet of Things (IoT). This is a concept that tells how it would be if all the physical objects of the world were brought into daily use. If connected to the internet then. In this Internet of Things, all these connected devices can identify each other which are connected with the internet.

    If i say it in easy language, then it is a concept in which all the devices which run on or off switch should be connected with the Internet, or they can be connected with each other.

    These devices include all the daily use items such as cell phones, coffee makers, washing machines, headphones, lamps, all wearable devices and everything else you can think of.

    In this even simpler language – Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept where things can talk with each other or can talk with other devices.

    Internet of Things – Example

    To understand this concept better, let us take the help of an example so that you can understand it in a better way.

    Imagine that you are lying on your cot in the morning and you have also fallen asleep.
    In this, the sensors in your hands feel something unusual in your heart rate, breathing starts increasing, your behavior also changes a lot.

    So instead of lifting you slowly, these instrument start vibrating very loudly so that they can attract your attention more. In this, your sleep is broken and you try to straighten your body by holding your chest. In this, you do not know what is happening with you and you move towards your phone.

    As soon as you open the mobile screen, you see a message on which it is written that your blood pressure has become high and with this it also advises you to take two aspirin. Not only this, but with this he also records all your signals and sends them to your doctor. There the doctors in the hospitals are evaluating your data and after their observation they feel that you should come to the hospital immediately and for this they also electronically send an emergency medical team who have all the data about your health condition. And also the address of your home. As soon as they are near your house, you also get the message of their arrival. Immediately they take you to the hospital to be treated.


    If I talk about the Internet of Things, then it is a bundle of devices – from simple sensors to smartphones and wearables – when everything is connected together.

    Through IoT, now devices can also talk among themselves and can do many of our tasks. IoT is a very large network connected “things” (which includes people).

    Here there can be a relationship between people-people, people-things, and things-things because all are connected with each other in the same network. There are many such companies which are using a lot of IoT, AI and machine learning. The time should not come that we have to completely depend on IoT as well.

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