What is Microsoft Office and how to do it?

    MS Office is also called Microsoft Office, it is an application software created by Microsoft, although there are two types of software. system software happens and the other application software Yes, MS Office is an application software, in MS Office you get to see many applications like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel etc.

    There are many different versions of MS Office such as Microsoft Office 2003, Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft Office 2010 etc, the one you guys are using right now Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010, it is usually used in office but you can also use it for personal use

    If you have to type any data in Office, then you need Microsoft Word there or if you have to do any calculation then you have to use Microsoft Excel, if you have to make a presentation then you have to Microsoft Power Point is required, similarly MS Office is needed to create the database, all of them are part of MS Office.

    You can also use Microsoft Office for personal work, such as if you want to make your resume, then you have to Microsoft Word is needed, or you have to type any matter, whether it is in Hindi or in English, then you need Microsoft Word, if suppose you are a teacher in a school and you have a presentation for there if you want to make microsoft power point is needed

    In today’s time, it is necessary for everyone to come to MS Office because through this you can do many of your tasks by yourself, you can use it easily on your computer, laptop or mobile phone, whatever you do in Microsoft Office. They also work, all that work is offline, you use it on your system, you do not need an internet connection to use them, whatever file you create in Microsoft Office, it should be saved in your hard disk. You can watch them anytime you like

    Today MS Office has also removed its latest version, whose name is Microsoft Office 365, this version is based on web service, whatever work you do on it remains online, in this you can access only through internet connection, in this you can also easily access other applications of Microsoft, you You can easily share the files created in it with anyone.

    Microsoft Office has many parts

    1 Microsoft Word – MS Word is a part of MS Office and MS Office is an application of Microsoft, with the help of MS Word, you can do many things like writing an application, writing a letter to someone, E-mail writing, word There are many ways to open it, the first way you have to click on the start button and go to the menu, after that you search for Microsoft Office, in this folder you will find MS Word. can open s word

    The second way is that you have to type MS word on the search bar given below and MS word application will come in front of you, as soon as you enter it, your MS word is opened, and the third way is that you can open your application. Create a shortcut to and by clicking on it you can open Microsoft Word

    you have something in it shortcut Like by clicking on save you can save your file, by clicking on Undo you can bring back the old file, by clicking on redo you can redo Undo, in this you can add more shortcuts. You can add new, open, print preview etc., if you want to see print preview of any file then you don’t need to go anywhere else you just have to click on print preview and print preview will appear in front of you

    If you want to cut any text in this then you have to select that text and click on cut and if you want to paste that text elsewhere then you can do it easily by clicking on paste, you can do it in this You can type in any font, in this you are given many types of fonts, not only this, you can also change the size of those fonts, you can increase or decrease the size, in this you can also change the color of your text. Many types of colors are given here, you can use any to bring your text in the same color.

    2 Microsoft Excel You must have heard the name of Excel, because every person who works on a computer, no matter what kind of work, whether the work is small or big, every person definitely needs Excel, it is part of Microsoft Office. In this, you can easily do any type of calculation.

    Suppose if you work in a school and you can easily prepare the result of your children through excel, if you are a salesman then the report of sales can also be prepared in excel, if you see, excel will do all kinds of things. It is very important for the work of because through this big calculations can be done easily.

    3 Microsoft Power Point Microsoft Powerpoint is a part of Microsoft Office, through which the presentation is prepared, you can use it at your home, anywhere in the office, in this you are given many templates free of cost, to start Microsoft Powerpoint first You have to click on the start button, after that all your programs open up.

    After this you have to find the Microsoft Office folder, after clicking on it, you will see Microsoft Powerpoint, by clicking on it, you can easily open Powerpoint, its run command is Powerpnt, it is known by many names like PPT powerpoint microsoft powerpoint

    4 Microsoft Access Whenever you install MS Office on your system, you see many types of applications there, when you create any file in access it is called database like in excel it is called spreadsheet and M In S word it is called file or document

    If you have to create a new file in this, then you will see an option whose name is blank database, as soon as you click on it, you will see the option of file name, whatever name you want to give to that database, you can easily give it. Yes, this file is saved in your document and if you want to save it somewhere else, you can change it by clicking on the folder.

    After this the view that you will see is called datasheet view, in this way you can do any work by creating a table in MS Access

    If you are thinking of doing MS Office course, then you do not need to go anywhere else, now you can do the full course of MS Office sitting at your home, we have brought the complete course of MS Office for you, its syllabus Given below

    1. Microsoft Word
    2. Microsoft Excel
    3. Microsoft PowerPoint
    4. Microsoft Access
    5. Microsoft Outlook
    6. Microsoft publisher

    Our Most Popular Course Microsoft Office Course 6 in 1* This course is in video format, Microsoft Office is a complete office package, it includes Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Publisher Complete 6 courses. There are 6 courses available in the course fee ie * if you have taken this then you do not need to take excel or word separately, it is included in it

    Microsoft Office MS Office is the world’s most popular Office Suite. Suite means a set of similar computer programs, these programs can share data with each other, their tools are also almost the same, so they are called suites. A set of all the programs that work in the office have been created in the suite, which makes your office work even easier. There are many types of tasks in Office such as creating letters, preparing spreadsheets, preparing presentations, email sending, database management etc.


    1 MS Office is a universal software that you can use on your own. Computer, Can be used in laptop or mobile phone, in MS Office you can work both online and offline

    2 Millions of people use it in the world today because through this work is also done quickly and by this the business also progresses faster.

    3 MS Office is very easy to use, even a small child can use it

    4 In this you can keep your data safe

    5 In today’s time this is a very good tutorial, through this even small children can learn to operate the computer.

    6 Microsoft Office It is used in many fields, if you have to write a letter to someone, then you can write it in Microsoft Word or if you want to make a presentation, then you can make it in Microsoft PowerPoint, so it is also called multipurpose.


    You need Internet to run Microsoft Office 365. You can’t access any files in it without Internet.

    2 Microsoft 365 faces the biggest threat to data privacy as all work is done online

    3 Microsoft 365 needs to be renewed every time

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