What is postal application

    As we know recently, India Post department has launched postal pay app, what is postal pay application and in future how for all postal users who have their account in postal department, how to use this postal pay app And how can we take advantage of it, so let us know through this post


    What is postal application

    The postal application was launched on 15 December 2020 by Union Communications Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad.On this occasion, Ravi Shankar Prasad said that the postal pay app will strengthen the Indian postal heritage and will benefit all Indians who have an account in the postal department.

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    Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad said that the postal pay app is an innovative service that not only provides online access to banking services and post products, but is also a unique concept in which anyone can place postal financial services at their home by placing an order To make money transfer easier, India Post Payment Bank (Postal application) has launched a digital payment app, ie Postal Pay App, in collaboration with the Department of Posts.

    How will the postal application work

    First of all, you can go to the Play Store through Google and download the free postal pay app. After downloading the postal post, you will have to create your account in the app with your name, mobile number and pincode. After that you can use the app from your account. Be completely free to link, you can always link your account to the app.

    It is up to you that you can also link more than one bank if you want, in this app, it is very important to create a four digit PIN like the UPI app, after this you can go from a small shopkeeper to any big company You can transfer money for this, in addition you can also transfer UPI or other money.

    Postage is not only a digital payment app, but it will also provide you with bank and other postal services. Now you have the convenience of scanning QUR codes for digital payments through the postal pay app too. Communications Minister Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad Kovid During the fight against covid-19, the efforts of Postal Payment Bank of India have processed a significant step taken by the government towards making India a cashless economy, as the UPI app is present in front of all of us directly.

    What is UPI

    UPI is a real time payment system based on IMPS (Immediate Payment Service) technology. It is another layer over IPMS that provides facility to perform cashless banking and other financial transactions. UPI’s Full Form Unified Payment Interface provides this project. It was launched as a pilot project on April 11, 2016 by NPCI (National Payment Corporation on India) and RBI (Reserve Bank of India).

    The then Governor, Honorable Dr. Raghuram Rajan inaugurated this project with 21 member banks, but today the number of these UPI banks has been more than 140. You also do the payment of everyday things through smartphone, about UPI. You must be aware that the UPAI app is used to transfer money to another bank account through the mobile platform.

    What is the benefit of UPI

    Through UPI, you can transfer money at any time in the morning or evening, day or night, 365 days of the year, you can transfer money to any bank through the same application if you use BHIM, UPI You can use UPI with the help of many apps like Phone Pay, Google Pay

    If you want to complain, this feature is available in the UPI app itself. The payment is done by the UPI app in a fast and secure way. There is a complete guarantee of security. The UPI app can be used in a very easy way. There is no need to acquire any kind of expertise

    What are the ways in which money can be transferred through Postal Application?

    Customers of the Postal Department who have an account with the Indian Postal Department can transfer money through the Postal Pay app. All the people who have an account with the Indian Postal Department can avail this facility. You can pay thorugh direct bank accounts through postal payments through UPI. You can transfer money in India, you can also use postpay for online shopping.

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    How much money can be transferred in a day by Postal Application

    In view of the fraud and risk associated with UPI, now you can transfer money from a bank account of UPI only 10 times in 24 hours, along with the limit of 1 lakh rupees has been fixed for a day’s transaction. Corporation of India has issued this information by issuing a circular

    Even if you use more than one app and do transactions like BHIM, Google Pay, Phone Pay, Paytm or any other means, you can only do 10 transactions in a day if you have more than one account. Transaction limit will increase

    Suppose you have 2 different bank accounts, then you can transact 20 times per transaction from both banks 10 times in a day. Yes if you make a transaction from one account of your own to another, then its Limit will not be counted, you are free to

    Apart from this, on making a transaction with a merchant through UPI, he will not be counted in the limit. There will be a count in the transaction limit

    So now I understand that you must have understood better about the postal app on what is its merits and how by using it, you can save the time of yourself and others and give the country a new condition and direction so that our country is now Can move in a new direction


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