What is SEO

    What is SEO  – We are going to talk about SEO i.e. “Search Engine Optimization”, what is SEO and how do SEO is what is SEO , why is SEO necessary for any Hindi or English Website or Blog when you start a new blog. You are very concerned about SEO, this is exactly the same as you are very important to know the traffic rules while learning the car, here we are going to know what is search engine optimization (SEO) and how to increase the traffic or readership of a blog. May or helps increase

    Before knowing SEO, you have to understand that where traffic or readers come from your website, they all reach your website using Google or other search engine. Now search engine can make any website based on certain parameters. Gives place on

    The search engine always considers the interest of the readers like Google search engine always decides that the Topic Search the user is doing is able to access the exact information so you have to write your blog in such a way that you have to optimize or search so that the search Engine should show it at the top of the search result –

    There is a huge repository of information on the Internet, there are millions of websites and blog daily updates, in such a situation, if you want to search any information, then it is impossible to access it without the search engine. Search engine is the easiest way to search information on the Internet. Are made to search by Keyword, with the help of the search engine, any person can reach an exact topic in a short time.

    When you put a query on the search engine, it is called keywords. With the help of this keywords, the search engine reaches your blog or website. The way the search engine works is like this when you write an article, then in that There are keywords related to the article If I say in direct language, every word is a Keyword Google indexes your every page when someone types the keywords related to it in the search engine, then the search engine matches that keyword in the indexed website and gives the result to the user based on the same. Any person can access your website through the search engine.

    Search Engine is a medium in which you can make your blog or website accessible to people without spending a single rupee and it plays the biggest role in Search Engine Optimization

    Search engine optimization or SEO is a process that optimizes your blog or website to make it compatible with Search Engine, so that your blog can make its place in Search Engine, for this, first of all we have to understand Search Engine.

    Why SEO is Important for a Blog or Website

    Suppose you write a blog related to the Recipe and you also publish very high quality content but you do not follow the rules on the basis of which a search engine can reach your website, then there will be no use to create your blog.

    What is crawling 

    It is very important to understand here that first of all, your blog reads a software called (crawler) Crawler and this process is called Crawling or Spidering. Google’s Crawler name is Googlebot which keeps reading your website continuously Google- The bot will read new updates made on your blog only when they are written on the basis of SEO, it will reach a result only after reading the keywords given in them.

    But what if Google bot could not even read your very good article because you have not done SEO for your page, your page is not compatible with the search engine, then it is useless to write any good article of your search engine optimization on your website or One way to make blog better for the search engine is that you can bring your website to the top result in Google Search, even sometimes your blog can be in Google’s first search result, because of the number of visitors to your blog Increases as well as the popularity of your blog

    Computer icons and their types

    Types of search engine optimization

    • On Page Search Engine Optimization (On Page SEO)
    • Off Page SEO Optimization

    On page SEO engine optimization

    For every article you write, you create a web page and many such web pages are on your website, all these web pages are linked and a blog or website is made, while writing the article, you are on page search engine optimization By using, every page can be brought to the high ranking in the search engine.

    On Page SEO means to make the design of your blog more and more user friendly. How to use all Keyword to create a high quality content that Google Bot can easily identify and index in Search Engine.

    Write High Quality Content

    High Quality Content means that whatever information you are giving is written properly, there should not be any Grammatical Mistake in it. The article should be at least 500 to 1000 words written in your own language and not copy paste from the Internet. Keyword in the article should not be used forcefully, it makes its point completely meaningful.

    In the article, H1 for Title and H2 for Heading and Sub Heading, H3 Tag would have been used. Artical should also contain links to other pages of your blog so that the user does not have any inconvenience to navigate through the blog.

    Focus on website speed

    Speed ​​of your website matters a lot in SEO. If you are searching for a website on Google itself, then open only 4 to 5 websites, assuming it includes your blog, which has Speed ​​Slow and the second result of your competitor. Which is soon open from your blog, then in such a situation, any user will wait 4 to 5 second and if your blog is not open then it will leave and go and if the search engine takes notice of this Here the difference does not come from how good your articles were. The difference comes from whether your blog opened soon or not.

    Make website navigation easy

    Navigation of the website should be very easy, the page should be linked in such a way that the visitor does not have any problem in going from one page to another.

    The title of the page is amazing

    The title of the page should be similar to “Sea in Gagar” The first look of any Visitor falls on your title only when he sees it in the search engine, this title should also have a Focus keyword. Focus keyword is the keyword on which your article has been written. Therefore, make a practice to make a better page title.

    Create Effective URL

    There is a URL for every page which helps you to get indexed in any search engine. The URL should be short and effective and should also be equipped with Focus keyword.

    Create attractive images with Alt Tag

    When someone searches from Google Image for the first time, the image of your blog post appears there. The more attractive the image, the better it will be Also, use ALT Tag in this image, so that Google bot will know that it is about the image.

    Which Image Format to use?

    Currently according to SEO your blog and It is very important to have the next gen image format on the website. This increases the speed of your blog and also increases the blog ranking, convert JPG or PNG file into WebP format from Online image converter to create Next Gen Image Format.


    On page SEO, you have already understood how it can make your blog search engine friendly.

    Off page SEO

    Off page SEO’s work is similar to marketing in a way in which you have to spread the blog to visitors through other means, it is also called making backlink, here you promote your blog on other website or on popular website. Go and make Backlink, traffic starts coming to the website through these backlinks. Let us know what are the methods of Offpage SEO.

    Do social media marketing

    Here you can bring visitors to your blog post through social media website, first create your account on most popular website like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quora, Linkedin etc. Then submit the URL of your post on these website like- As your followers will increase, the traffic on your website will also increase.

    Write Guest Post

    This is a way in which you submit your article by going to another blog and from there take backlink for your blog. Backlink is a type of hyperlink on which a person can click on your blog by clicking.

    Do Question & Answer (Q&A)

    There are currently a lot of Question & Answer Websites where people ask questions, while answering, you can submit a link to your blog. Examples of Q&A Website are as follows.


    Use Blog Comment

    You can comment on the blog related to the topic of your blog and can give backlink there, this is also a good way to bring traffic to your blog.

    Hope you have understood that how SEO means search engine optimization can take your blog to a new height, these are the ways that it tells you how to design your blog, Blog Content and Blog Marketing. How did you feel about this information about Search Engine Optimization, we will definitely tell you by commenting, if this information is useful, then share it with your friends, we will always keep bringing you such information, have a nice day.


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