What is WordPad and how to use WordPad

    Wordpad may have been heard by some of you, but this is a word processor application that comes with your operating system which is absolutely free if your computer does not have MS Word, then you can use WordPad and do things like letter writing. Here we are going to know what is WordPad and how to use WordPad

    WordPad is a Word Processor that was released by Microsoft for Window 95. It is better and easier than Microsoft Notepad. Microsoft used to use Microsoft Right before Notepad. It is a Word Processor released in place of Microsoft Right which is Microsoft Foundation Class (Also known as MFC)

    History of wordpad

    WordPad has more Advance than Notepad but Microsoft word There are fewer features than if you want to create simple documents thenit is the best option for you that you can use to create documents like Letters, Notes, etc. Microsoft WordPad Windows 95 Operating System After all, found in Windows, this was replaced with Microsoft Write from Windows 95. Microsoft Write was a word processor software Microsoft first used it with Microsoft Dos in 1983.

    Button Control in ASP.Net

    Wordpad features

    WordPad is used in the same way as Notepad is used, but WordPad has more features than Notepad, which allows you to do many types of formatting in your files if you Window xp If you use WordPad, then you will have less functions but if you use Windows above Windows XP like Windows 7,8, then you will get all the functions of it, in it you can work the letter pad and Formatting You can create simple and short files in Word like Bold, Italic, etc.
    To use Microsoft WordPad, you neither need to download it nor do you need to install it. It is a Pre Installed Software that comes with Windows which is available in all Operating Systems from Window 95 to Window 10 if you have Ours computer in Microsoft Word You can use MS WordPad very easily when not installed.

    The main parts of the Word Pad –

    WordPad Button

    These are the main part of Wordpad. This button is in the menu. It has many options for files created in this. In this you are given the command Save, Open, Print, etc. These work on WordPad Document, in this we shortcut Keys. Use Ctrl + O for Open, Ctrl + N for New, Ctrl + S for Save, Ctrl + P for Print, etc.

    Quick Access Button

    This is a special part, it is given in various Microsoft Microsoft Text Editor Program, its purpose is to store the frequently used Commands and Buttons in one place, it helps in quick work with the help of some commands in Quick Access Toolbar like Save, Text, Print etc. are added so that you can use them with one click.

    Title bar

    Here the name of the file created in WordPad is shown until the name of the file is not shown until the file is saved, there is a document written as soon as the file is saved with a name, then it is saved with the file name. Are visible


    Ribbon is another part of the window. It is below the title bar, showing the WordPad Tabs.

    Ruler bar

    These are above the text area, so that we find Page Margin before or after creating the documents. Page Margin is done to show the same Margin, Ruler is placed on both sides of the Ruler Bar and then the text that we write from it. Does not go out

    Status bar

    This is just below the text area, this time there is a Zoom Level button with the help of which the page is zoomed in and zoomed out. With the help of Zoom In, the page is enlarged while the page is minimized with Zoom Out.

    Text area

    This is a very important part of the Word pad. Document Text is written in this area. It is also called a page. All types of typing tasks are done on it.

    Other features of WordPad

    Search and Replace

    Although we know that Spell Checker does not exist in Word Pad, but you can find and replace Word in any page of a document by going to Home tab in WordPad Software and clicking in the Editing Group and now you can go to any Word from here You can find and replace it, apart from other word processors, you can cut, copy and paste here too.

    File format

    In WordPad, you can create, open and save files in Text Format, although it is important to know that Word created in Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010 cannot be viewed the same because Word Pad does not have Editing Features like Word.


    You can add graphics to Word Pad Documents, for this you have to go to WordPad Software and go to Home Tab and click on Insert, then click on Picture, like Word, you can add Picture to Word Pad. You can add these images to other Can share with the user

    Formatting Option

    Although there were very few options to format the text in the old version of the Word pad, but if you want to format the text in the new version, select the text and click on the Home tab, in this you can change the size of the font and the other font and If you want, you can use Bullets on that text by selecting Text. You can also use Font as Italic, Underline etc.

    Use wordpad

    • It is recommended to use WordPad to create documents. You can call it lite application and its simple interface allows the user to do any document.
    • You can use Templates in this, as well as the size of the page while creating documents, you can also change the look and also allow to change the WordPad Page Margin.
    • The main advantage of using WordPad is that the user can also view Saved Documents while creating Documents and can edit other Documents while inserting User Pictures while creating Documents and make the Look of Documents like Microsoft Word. Huh

    Learn to open MS WordPad

    WordPad is present in Windows, so you do not need to install it from outside. Now let us know how you can open it.

    • First press the Windows key on the computer
    • After that the search bar will appear, type wordpad in it, then you will see the wordpad application above, click on it
    • Word pad will be open
    • And if you want to open it with the help of Commands, you can also
    • You can access Wordpad with the help of Run Command, for this, press the Window Key + R simultaneously. After this, the RUN command will open in front of you. Now type “Write” in the Search Box and click on Ok, then our Wordpad will open.



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