Which country runs the fastest internet in the world.

    Today you will get to see the smartphone easily in the hands of almost every person in the world. Let us tell you that in smartphones, people are connected to the whole world through the Internet, as well as they often send messages to each other through social media. Today the Internet has reached every corner of the world internet can be easily run in almost all the countries of the world, although in some places the speed is very low and in some places the speed is very high. Today we are going to tell you which country has the fastest internet speed.

    The world’s fastest internet runs in Japan recently the world’s fastest internet speed has been tested in Japan, which is about 319 terabits per second this speed is so high that about 50,000 movies can be easily downloaded in just 1 second.

    The researchers achieved the never-seen-before speeds by using advanced fiber-optic technology with a 4-core optical fiber of standard outer diameter of 0.123 mm for the test.

    The 4-core MCF with standard cladding diameter is attractive for early adoption of SDM fibers in high-throughput, long-distance links, since it is compatible with conventional cable infrastructure and expected to have mechanical reliability comparable to single-mode fibers,” the Japanese research institute said the paper published earlier this month.

    The team recorded the fastest data transfer ever without any performance drops across the 3000 kilometres distance. Interestingly, the engineers claim that the regular optical fibre cables employed for Wi-Fi at our homes could also support this technology, though some modifications might be required.

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