Who discovered black hole? : A Look Into the Future

    Space or space is a place which is still not fully understood by scientists. No one knows how far the space has been in the first place, but in this space there are many stars, planets and black holes.

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    What is a black hole?

    A black hole is a place where gravity is so high that even light does not escape from gravity. Because even light cannot escape from black holes, so it is not possible to see them.

    To become a black hole, the matter is compacted in a small space, due to which a lot of gravity is created.

    Who discovered black hole?

    The first black hole was conceived in 1783 by a philosopher named John Michell. Mitchell saw that when the light comes out of the star, Gravity escapes and escapes.

    For example, our sun also has gravity, when the light emanating from the sun escapes the gravity of the sun and reaches the earth after 8 minutes. It takes 8 minutes because the distance of the sun from the earth is about 150,000,000 kilometer.

    Who discovered black hole? : A Look Into the Future

    We can understand this concept with an example. If we throw anything from the ground towards the sky, then that thing goes up to some extent and comes back to the earth. This happens because the gravity of the earth pulls that thing towards itself.

    From the same date, there are seven of the light emanating from the sun, Mitchell believed that if a star’s gravity increases 500 times that of the sun, light will never escape from this gravity. Its result will be that the light emanating from the star will stop inside the star itself.

    Light travels 300,000 km in a sec, despite the speed of the light, it does not escape the gravity of the star. When no light comes out of the star, it is not possible to say that there is a star there. Why the entire star turns into darkness.

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    At that time, no one had considered this theory of Mitchell because he was thinking ahead of the technology of his time. Michal called it “Dark Star”. I hope, I have explained about “Who discovered black hole“.

    Albert Einstein :

    After Albert Einstein’s General Relativity in 1915, scientists began to understand better about black holes. According to General Relativity, the greater the gravity of the mass, the more space and time changes.

    After Einstein, a scientist named Karl Schwarzschild also proved the earlier discovery and yet another scientist had also helped in this research.


    In 1967, John Wheeler first used the term black hole. From that, he started using the name Black Hole all over the world.

    Black hole photo:

    For the first time in 2019, the picture of the black hole was taken by the Event Horizon Telescope. This was the picture of the world’s first black hole.

    This blackhole was of the Galaxy M87, which lived at a distance of 50 million light years. When its picture was taken, it was very active. Its picture was not so clear as this black hole was at a distance of 50 million light years.

    If we want a clear picture, then we have to be as telescopic as our earth.

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