Who Invented Biryani – The History of Who Invented Biryani?

    There are 2 types of people in the world, one is those who eat non-veg and the other is what they call wedge. Everyone has their own choices, there are many dishes in the veg that are equal to non-veg. I am going to discuss details about ”
    Who Invented Biryani” in this article.

    There are many different types of food to be found in non-veg, some people likes bread and some people likes rice. non-veg has such a dish which is made of rice, seven other gravies are not so much needed.


    Biryani is a dish that is liked throughout India. Even though seven different types of this dish are made, there are only a few places where you get to see the real biryani.

    Hyderabad biryani is considered to be the most famous in India, this biryani is said to come from different jagas of the country.

    What is Biryani?

    Normally in India, gravy and rice are made in different dishes, but biryani is a dish that is made in the same vessel.

    Biryani is made using different types of meat. Chicken, mutton, fish, prawn, beef are made using meat.

    There is another type in Biryani in which vegetables or eggs are used instead of meat. It is commonly known as Veg Biryani.

    Who Invented Biryani?

    Biryani is made in different states of the entire country, so it is difficult to say Who Invented Biryani  for the first time, but according to historians, Biryani reached India through the Mughal Sultanate.

    After the demise of the Mughal Empire in India, different types of dishes were seen. Mughals are well known for good dishes.

    A story is such that the Mughal army was finding it difficult to cook while fighting the war. That is why the soldiers were weak, at that time they should make meat and rice in the same pot of thought. This dish was very tasty, after which people put spices of their choice and started making different types of biryani.

    According to another story, when the Mughals reached Hyderabad, the king there ordered Asif Jah to make Biryani dish. Perhaps this is why Hyderabad Biryani is famous.

    Biryani started in Hyderabad, it is also said that why there is a lot of use of rice there and less use of rice in North India.

    No matter how the biryani has started, but in marriage, eat it as a man dish.

    How is biryani made?

    Biryani is often made using chicken or mutton, both of which are very famous. By the way, Biryani is made in different ways everywhere but Hyderabad Biryani is famous, so let us know about the Biryani of Hyderabad.

    To make Biryani, we need thirst, meat, rice, spices, oil and curd.

    Step 1

    Thirst should not be fried in oil in such a way that it starts appearing in golden brown color. Take out this thirst in a separate vessel.

    Step 2

    Drain the meat well, add hot spices and curd and mix it well and marinate for 1 hour. By doing like this, the meat melts very quickly. In this marination, we will also mix the thirst of step 1.

    Step 3

    Use Basmati for rice to make biryani with good aroma. Seventy percent of the rice has to be cooked, then put in a marinated meat and put it on the knife. Your biryani will be ready in half an hour.

    Closing Notes:  Who Invented Biryani?

    So this was an easy way to make biryani. Biryani is known by different names at different places. Delhi Biryani, Hyderbad Biryani, Dhakaiya Biryani, Sindhi Biryani and Afghan Biryani Wagaira Wagaira.

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