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Who Invented Gramophone?

who invented gramphones

Gramophone are used by very few people in modern times. But once upon a time gramophones were used to listen to music.

Prior to Gramophone, the Phonautograph, Paleophone was created.


Any invention starts with just one idea, the same has happened with Gramophone. The phone autograph is considered to be a device that was the first device to record music to the sounds of the world.

The phoneautograph was invented by the French inventor Martin Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville. This device was patented in 1857. This device(Gramphone) only had the option to record, there was no option to listen to these recordings.

No one knew what was in those recordings, but in 2008, seven of those recordings of Modern Technology were heard. In this device, the sound traveled through the diaphragm and reached Bristle.

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Bristol was attached to a white paper, this white paper was wrapped in a cylinder shape. When the cylinder was rotated, its seven paper sheets also rotated.

The stylus, attached to the paper sheet, made the sound as a mark on the paper. This invention did not benefit Scott, but did not earn any money, but Scott’s invention helped the latter.


With no option to listen after recording the voice in the phone autograph, the inventor named Charles Cros thought of creating a device that could hear the sound even after recording it.

This device was not made by Cross, but he had a theory from which the voice could also be heard. This device was named Paliophone by Charles.

Thomas Alva Edison:

With the help of the first invention, Thomas Alva Edison in 1877 created a device through which voice could be recorded and heard.

Edison named this device Phonograph. Edison designed this device to record telegraph and telephone sounds.

Edison made his invention through tin foil paper, diaphragm, cylinder, stylus. When the voice was made near the Diaphragm, seven cylinders were also rotated.

There was tin foil wrapped over this cylinder. Because of the vibrations of the sound, the stylus used to mark the tin foil paper. This is a basic way to record a voice, when listening to the recorded voice, it used to follow the procedure in reverse.

The only difference was that this time due to the vibrations of the stylus, Diaphragm used to reproduce the voice. Edison at that time considered the shape of the cylinder from the disc to be a better device.

The first phonograph(Grampone) was invented by Thomas Edison in 1877. In the year 1880, graphophone was made by Alexander Graham Bell’s Volta Laboratory by making changes to the earlier phonograph.

In 1894, the inventor named Emile Berliner changed the cylinder shape cardboard to a flat disc. It was Berliner who named Gramophone for disc record players. From that time onwards, the name Gramophone was starting to be used everywhere.


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