Who Invented stethoscope?

    Whenever we go to the hospital, the first job of a doctor is to check your heartbeat with a stethoscope. The stethoscope was invented by a doctor.Before the invention of Stethoscope, doctors used to treat their ear by listening to the beating of the patient by placing it on the patient’s chest.

    In this way, the doctors did not like to listen by keeping an ear on the patient’s chest. When a female patient came, there was more trouble.

    Invention of the stethoscope:

    In 1816, when a French doctor named René Laennec saw two children playing a Labbe wooden piece, seven of the pins. On both sides of the wood, both boys were listening to their ears.

    When a boy scratched from one side of the pin, there was a loud sound in the ear of the boy who lived on the other side.

    A year later, Dr. Lynes, when a young girl was checking for a related heart ailment. Being a young girl, it was difficult to keep her ear on his chest.

    Lynes remembered the child-playing manzar a year earlier and had heard the heartbeat of a female patient with a piece of bamboos wood. In this way, the world’s first stethoscope was invented by Lynes.

    Improvement in stethoscope:

    At that time the heartbeat was heard using only one ear. In the year 1840, a doctor named Golden Bird used a flexible tube for a stethoscope.

    In 1851, the Irish doctor Arthur Leared invented the binaural stethoscope, which is a hearing it with both ears.

    In 1852, the inventor named George Philip Cammann perfected the design of the stethoscope.

    Who Invented Thermometer?

    Today’s acoustic stethoscope has both the diaphragm and the bell. When the side with the diaphragm is placed above the heart, the frequency of the voice is Bhad caste. When the bell side is placed on the heart, the frequency of the sound is less heard.

    From the 19th century to the 20th century, after many changes, the Sethoscope was built today. This cethoscope is used everywhere.

    One thing from this invention is that it is confirmed that just a small idea is needed for the invention. Just by using that idea, we can execute the biggest innovation.


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