Who invented the Richter scale?

    Every year, earthquakes keep coming up somewhere around the world. At some place, their effect is less, then at some other place their effect is very high. People lose their home due to earthquake. Loss of life and property occurs due to the breakdown of buildings. We measure the destruction of earthquake with the help  of Richter scale but ever you wondered who invented this instrument?

    Human beings have created a lot of technology, but so far, the technology that detects earthquakes before its arrival has not been made yet.

    Harry that The first practical earthquake measuring device, Seismograph, was created in 1920 by 2 US scientists named Harry O. Wood aur John A. Anderson.

    These 2 scientists recruited Charles Richter a few years later. Charles Richter was also involved in improving the earthquake measuring device and making it even better.

    In 1931, a Japanese scientist named Kiyoo Wadati started doing research on a major earthquake in Japan. Kiyu Vadati was using the algorithm to check the earthquake of the earthquake.

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    In the year 1935, Richter solved the problems in the research of Wadati and found a way to measure the earthquake magnitudes by using the algorithm.

    That is why we call earthquake measuring instrument as Richter scale. There is another name for this which we also called the local magnitude scale.

    Today, with the advancement of technology, scientists want to read more about earthquakes. Therefore, there was a way to store the readings of earthquakes in digital form, which you can research on them by storing the readings in the computer.

    How does the Richter scale work?

    Magnet, string, pendulum bob, support, pen, rotating drum, paper are required to make the Richter scale.

    When an earthquake occurs, the string between the magnets starts shaking, because there is a magnetic field around the magnets, because of the earthquake, the string cuts the magnetic field.

    As a result, small electric pulses are developed. These pulses are stored in digital form and are used for their research.

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