Who Invented Thermometer?

    In Kharib 400 BC, people used to check the human’s temperature using the hand there were no thermometer at that time. He had guessed that there is a difference between the body temperature of a healthy person and a sick person.

    In the 16th to 17th century, Vaigyanikon started making such a device, due to which the changes in temperature started to get better.

    If the temperature of a person was increased, they would have understood that this person is sick or has a fever. At that time there was no such device through which humans or anything could check their temperature.

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    One thing we all need to know is that no invention suddenly exists. After many unsuccessful attempts, an invention is made in front of us completely.

    Now we will see about the scientists one after the other, how they became helpful for inventing thermometers.


    The thermometer’s predecessor thermoscope is considered. In Kharib 220 BC itself, because of temperature, the expansion and contraction of air was understood.

    Later seven of the time it was understood that water and other liquids such as mercury also have these properties.


    First the temperature checking device consisted of a tube which contained air and this tube was closed from one side and opened from the other side.

    This tube was immersed in a small bowl which is filled with water. After placing the tube in a bowl containing water, the bowl brought water to the tube.

    The open part of the tube was in water and the closed part was above. The person who had to check the temperature kept his mouth on the tube and the hot air would push the water into the bowl.

    Galileo did the same experiment with alcohol. Many people consider Galileo to be an inverter of thermometers, but Galileo invented thermoscopes in only one way.

    Santorio Santorio:

    Santorio is an inventor who also worked on thermoscope and also worked on thermometer. Santorio first used the scale to measure temperature. Therefore Santorio is considered to be the invention of thermometer.

    Fahrenheit Scale:

    In 1724, Daniel Fahrenheit made a glass tube with numbers called the Fahrenheit scale. According to this thermometer, 32 degrees for freezing, 212 degrees for boiling, body temperature was 98.6 degrees.

    Centigrade Scale:

    Another inventor named Anders Celsius created a thermometer known as Celsius and Centigrade. According to this thermometer, 0 degrees for freezing, 100 degrees for boiling, body temperature was 37 degrees.

    Sir Thomas Allbut made a thermometer in 1867 that we often use in hospitals today.


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